How to create and manage user/student accounts with the Notebooking Publisher.

Bonus tip!
Even if your students do not use the Notebooking Publisher, creating student accounts allows you to organize projects/templates by your students’ names.

Speaker 1 (00:08):
All right. In this video, I am going to show you how to set up your student accounts, uh, how to log in and manage those accounts. So here we are at the login page for the pro school publisher. You’ll notice there are two options we can log in as the teacher, or as the student notice how these fields change. When I clicked from teacher to student, the teacher will be using an, the email address that was used to register for the pro school publisher. And the student will be using a user name. Also noticed that with the teacher, there is a forgot password link. And for the student, there is not, this is intentional. The student will not have an email address associated with this account. The only email is going to be yours, the teachers. So if a student cannot remember their password, they will need to come to you to either have you remind them of that password or for you to reset their password.


Speaker 1 (01:08):
All right, so we’re going to log in as the teacher, and now I’m going to go to the top navigation and click on account. And this is your personal information as the teacher, uh, your first name, last name, any extra information you would like to add and your personal account settings here, you’ll notice you are not able to edit the email address. If you need to make that, um, different. For some reason, you will need to contact us via support. And below here, you can change your password. All right, so next I want to create some student accounts. I will click user management and create new user.

Speaker 1 (02:01):
And as I mentioned, we are not using email addresses here. We’re just going to give our students an easy username for them to remember and a password plus any optional information you’d like to add. Go ahead and create another one. Here. You can create up to 10 student accounts within your post-school publisher account. All right, so now let’s go ahead and test these out. I can go back up here to the top, click the drop down arrow. I can either log out, you know, if I’m completely finished for the day or been going, just click switch account. And so from here, I’ll select the user and their password.

Speaker 1 (02:59):
And so now you can see I’m logged in as Alex, right? Play the drop arrow again, switch accounts this time I’ll use Jesse login and now we are in Jesse’s account. All right. So I’m gonna go back now to the teacher account and show you how to manage and delete users. So go back up to the top, drop down arrow, like account, go to user management. And if say, Alex forgot his password. We want to reset a new one. We click edit details and right here it says password change and then type in the new password. If I need to delete an account very easy to do over here beside edit details, we just click delete and then confirm, yes, this is going to permanently delete this profile and any data associated with this user. All right. And that’s it. That is how you set up user accounts, manage user accounts and delete user accounts and the pro school publisher.

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