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Use our page generating program, the Notebooking Page Generator, to quickly generate a whole set of customized topical notebooking pages. In this video, we demonstrate how to use the Notebooking Page Generator to generate a new set of birds pages using a blank template from our Birds Notebooking Pages.

Hey there. It’s Debra Reed from productive homeschooling. Welcome to another demonstration of the pro school page generator. In this video, I’ll show you how to quickly generate a set of topical bird notebooking pages using your own image with the pro school page generator. First, we’re going to scroll down here and filter out the bird templates. I’m going to use this one. So I click the link, which opens a preview of the notebooking pages. Seeing scroll through there to see what the blank set looks like. Scrolling down to the bottom. I will click the blue button to open the page generator. So with the app open, now we’re going to type in the name of our bird, and we’re going to choose the image that we have previously saved to our computer and then click the generate now button. And very quickly the page generator will merge our topics, text and our image throughout the notebooking template. And in less than 60 seconds, it’s finished quickly scroll through here to see how the new set looks with our title and our image. And then when ready, click the blue download button to save and print your new set of pages.

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