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Use our page generating program, the Notebooking Page Generator, to quickly generate a whole set of customized topical notebooking pages. In this video, we demonstrate how to use the Notebooking Page Generator to generate a new set of dinosaur pages using a blank template from our Dinosaurs Notebooking Pages.

Hey there it’s Debra Reed from productive homeschooling. We’ve recently updated our dinosaur notebooking pages with new layouts and new line options. And we’ve also added the blank templates to our pro school page generator. So I want to show you today how we can use the pro school page generator to quickly create our own topics for this set. So I’m going to click on the blank template link that opens our preview window. And at the bottom of the preview window, you have two options. Download the PDF or customize with the page generator. So I’m going to click the blue button to open the app. And now I need to type in the name that I would like to add to the pages. So I’m going to use Tyrannosaurus Rex and, you know, we already have Tyrannosaurus Rex pages, but since I want to add my own image, I’m going to do that with the page generator. So I click choose file, find the picture that I’ve uploaded to my computer and now click the generate now button. And very quickly the page generator is adding that title and that image throughout our notebooking template. There we go. Tyrannosaurus Rex and my custom image has been added throughout the entire notebooking pages template.

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