Watch this video for a walk-through of the home page features of Notebooking Publisher.

Speaker 1 (00:08):
In this video, I’m going to give you a quick overview of the main features of your home page dashboard. So starting up here at the top, you’ll see the green button that links you back to the homepage. Next, you see, uh, the currently logged in user and clicking that drop-down is where you can manage your account information or switch accounts with one of your students. Next, we have a dropdown for important links on the, maybe helpful to other demo videos. Our support center frequently asked questions, things like that. Next, we have the green create new button. So when you click this button, the pop-up appears, and this is where you would be able to start a brand new blank project or template for yourself or for one of your students right below the create new button. You will see the amount of storage that your account is using.


Speaker 1 (01:05):
Uh, each account comes with five gigabytes of storage. That’s collective for you and all of your students together. Next, we have the image library. So when I click the image library button, this will open the image library for myself and for all of my students, if I was logged in as a student, it would just show their image library. So here’s where you, you can manage all of your images and click the green home to go back right below image library. You see import templates. When I click that, there’s a pop-up and this is where you can import any PDF. So that would be a PDF you create with publisher, maybe PDF you purchased elsewhere, or just any PDF that you own, if you would like to work on it in the publisher, this is where you would import that into your, your projects or templates below.

Speaker 1 (02:00):
We have the main navigation for the homepage right here in the middle. You see my projects, my templates pro school publisher. And if you are a pro school member, you will also have a library for school templates. So that that library is only for active pro school members. So when you come to the homepage, you will be on my projects by default the, my projects, and I’m going to click on my template. Pages are very similar. Uh, other videos, we’ll go into more details about why we have two separate pages, but both of these pages are libraries will work the same. So you see right in the middle, you have this main green bar where you can first this first box, you can select all of the projects or templates on your page. And if you want to delete, then you just click the delete button.

Speaker 1 (02:51):
I don’t want to do that. So I’m going to de-select that I can sort everything on this page by title, by clicking, the title would be ascending or descending by the amount of storage or the size of the file when it was last edited. And also I can sort it by the users. So you’ll see by default, again, I’m logged in as the teacher. So I’m seeing everybody that’s in my account, which is currently just myself and one student. So you’ll see my student, Alex, and then here are my projects below. So I can use this green drop down to select one or more, um, accounts to look at. Okay. So by default it shows everybody, but if you only want to look at one, I mean, if you have 10 children and you want to look at all 10 accounts, then you can do that.

Speaker 1 (03:41):
Or you can select one account, two accounts, however you would like to look at them. And you also have the option to click this arrow, to minimize what you’re seeing on the page. I just want to go back and put this back to the default. Uh, CSO. Next, you see that as you hover over the thumbnails here shows you the first page of your project. I have you clicked that it would actually open the project in the workspace. Next to that, you can edit you click on the title. You can edit right here. And then we show you the size of the amount of storage that that project is taking from your account. The last time it was edited. And then here we have options to copy or move this project between the project and template libraries, and then the users that you can copy and move them between.

Speaker 1 (04:38):
We’ll go over that in another video, but that’s where you would manage those options. And then you can also click, uh, open to open the file. So you can either click the thumbnail or click the open button to open your project or your template. And then obviously this is the delete button where you can delete that individual project or template. So the next type of library, like I said, templates and projects are very similar, but the next type of library would be pro school publisher. So every publisher account comes with these templates and the school templates would look similar. Again, those are just for our pro school members. So when you’re in one of these libraries, you’ll see down the left-hand side, a way to filter the available templates. So when you come in here, you’ll see everything and that can be kind of overwhelming. So, you know, go through the categories or the collections that are available and you can filter those down. You can also use the search bar to search through all the available templates. So that’s a quick walkthrough of the homepage, uh, check out our next video for a walkthrough of the workspace.

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