3-D Notebooking Pages Templates and Mini-Books

This is our collection of 3-D notebooking templates. These notebooking pages make for quick, easy, and fun 3-dimensional notebooking, any time . . . for any subject. We’re not much of a lapbooking family, but we do like to add some “flair” to our pages every once in a while.

We have been using these templates for several years. They work great for all ages. Most of the mini-book pages include light gray cutting lines to make it a snap to cut with a cutting board. I wanted these to be EASY and QUICK to implement for both my girls AND boys and that’s exactly what they are! You can use our lined notebooking templates and mini-books together or use them separately or use the mini-books on your own notebooking pages. Lots of versatility!


These notebooking pages come in three different types of borders … colored, decorative/patterns, and fancy. Each set has 20 pages options including both regular and primary-lined pages as well as blank border-only pages. The frames within these pages are specially sized to fit our mini-books.

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How to use:

(1) Pick your color or border style from the large selection of lined template pages.
(2) Print the page(s) you want. There are both regular and primary-lined options. There are a variety of layouts.
(3) Then, add 3-D mini-books (if you want!) that fit on the pages. It’s SO easy to mix and match lined templates with mini-books.


The mini-books can be used on their own or added to any of our 3D styled notebooking pages . . . with the bordered pages above or those found in various categories like A-Z, history, and science.

Add these to the SMALL SQUARE FRAMES on our notebooking pages
Foldable Mini-Book Template
Matchbook Mini-Book Template
Pop-Up Mini-Book Template
Shutterfold Mini-Book Template

Add these to the LARGE RECTANGLE FRAMES on our notebooking pages
Layered Mini-Book Template
Top-Tab Mini-Book Template
Question/Answer Mini-Book Template


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