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Notebooking pages for more than 200 early modern historical topics PLUS an additional 60+ American Revolutionary War topics.

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13 Colonies Themed Notebooking Pages
Abolishing British Slave Trade
Abolitionist Movement
Adams (John Quincy)
Adams (John)
Akbar the Great
Anthony (Susan B)
Antoinette (Marie)
Assembly of Notables
Audubon (James)
Austen (Jane)
Austin (Stephen)
Bacon (Sir Francis)
Bailly (Jean Sylvain)
Baptism of Virginia Dare
Baron De Montesquieu
Battle of Waterloo
Bayle (Pierre)
Bill of Rights
Bolivar (Simon)
Bonaparte (Napoleon)
Bonaparte Invades Russia
Bonaparte Seizes Control
Boone (Daniel)
Bosch (Hieronymus)
Bradford (William)
Bradstreet (Anne)
Brahe (Tycho)
Braille (Louis)
Bunyan (John)
Cabot (John)
Calvin (John)
Carew (Thomas)
Carey (William)
Cartier (Jacques)
Carver (John)
Charles V
Charles X
Charles X of France
Chief Black Hawk
Clark (William)
Columbus (Christopher)
Concordat of 1801
Constitution De 1791
Cook (Captain James)
Copernicus (Nicolaus)
Cotton Gin
Coup of 18 Brumaire
Crockett (Davy)
Cromwell (Oliver)
Cult of Reason
Cult of The Supreme Being
Da Gama (Vasco)
Daguerre (Louis)
Danton (Georges)
De Balboa (Vasco)
De Balzac (Honore)
De Calonne (Charles Alexandre)
De Coronado (Francisco)
De Flesselles (Jacques)
De Gouges (Marie-Olympe)
De Lafayette (Gilbert Du Motier Maquis)
De Launay (Bernard Rene)
De Leon (Juan Ponce)
De Medici (Lorenzo)
De Soto (Hernando)
De Talley (Charles Maurice)
Declaration of The Rights of Man And of The Citizen In 1789
Declaration of The Rights of Women And The Female Citizen
Descartes (Rene)
Desmoulins (Camille)
Dickens (Charles)
Diderot (Denis)
Diet of Worms 1521
Douglass (Frederick)
Drake (Sir Francis)
East India Company
Elizabeth I of England
Erasmus (Desiderius)
Erie Canal
Estates General
Execution of Louis XVI
Faraday (Michael)
Ferdinand and Isabella
Fete De La Federation
First Thanksgiving
Flight To Varennes
Francois Marie Arouet (De Voltaire)
Franklin (Benjamin)
French and Indian War
French First Republic
French Guard
French Republican Calendar
French Revolutionary Wars
Fulton (Robert)
Garrison (William Lloyd)
General Bouille
George IV
Grey (Lady Jane)
Grimm (Jakob)
Hawkins (Sir John)
Henry VII
Hooke (Robert)
House of Bourbon
House of Tudor
Houston (Sam)
Hudson (Henry)
Indian Removal Act
Industrial Revolution
Irish Potato Famine
Irish Rebellion
Ivan Iv Terrible
Jackson (Andrew)
Jacobin Club Door
Jefferson (Thomas)
Jones (John Paul)
Kant (Immanuel)
Kepler (Johann)
King Henry Viii
King James I
King Louis Philippe
Knox (John)
Landing of the Pilgrims
Lavoisier (Antoine)
Leopold I of Belgium
Lewis (Meriwether)
Locke (John)
Louis XIV of France
Louis XVI
Louisiana Purchase
Luther (Martin)
Machiavelli (Niccolo)
Madame Roland
Madison (James)
Magellan (Ferdinand)
Marat (Jean-Paul)
Marlowe (Christopher)
Mary Queen of Scots
Mather (Increase)
Mayflower Compact
Mercator (Gerardus)
Mexican American War
Missouri Compromise
Monroe (James)
Monteverdi Claudio
More (Sir Thomas)
Morley (Thomas)
Morse (Samuel)
Napoleonic Wars
National Constituent Assembly
National Guard
Necker (Jacques)
Newton (Isaac)
Newton (John)
Northwest Ordinance
Opium Wars
Palace of Versailles
Pascal (Blaise)
Penn (William)
Pizarro (Francisco)
Plymouth Colony
Poe (Edgar Allen)
Polk (James)
Pope Leo X
Pope Pius Vi
Prince Henry the Navigator
Protestant Reformation
Reign of Terror
Revere (Paul)
Roanoke Colony
Ross (Betsy)
Ross (John)
Rousseau (Jean-Jacques)
Rubens (Peter Paul)
Salem Witch Trials
Santa Anna (Antonio Lopez de)
Santa Fe Trail
Seven Years War
Shakespeare William
Sieyss (Emmanuel Joseph)
Smith (Adam)
Smith (John)
Smith (Joseph)
Spanish Civil War
Spanish Inquisition
Spenser (Edmund)
Standish (Myles)
Storming of The Bastille
Stowe (Harriet Beecher)
Tennis Court Oath
Thermidorian Reaction
Trail of Tears
Treaty of Nanking
Tyler (John)
Tyndale (William)
US Constitution
Valmy Battle
Van Buren (Martin)
Van Goethe (Johann Wolfgang)
Vespucci (Amerigo)
War of 1812
War of Spanish Succession
War of the Austrian Succession
War of the Roses
Washington (George)
Watt (James)
Wesley (John)
Whitney (Eli)
Wilberforce (William)
William IV
William the Silent
Williams (Roger)
Winslow (Edward)
Winthrop (John)
Women’s March On Versailles

Revolutionary War Topics
Adams (John)
Adams (Samuel)
Alexander (William)
Allen (Ethan)
Arnold (Benedict)
Articles of Confederation
Battle of Brandywine
Battle of Bunker Hill
Battle of Lexington and Concord
Battle of Saratoga
Bill of Rights
Boston Massacre
Boston Tea Party
Burgoyne (John)
Burr (Aaron)
Clay (Henry)
Common Sense
Constitutional Convention
Constitution of the United States
Cornwallis (Charles)
Declaration of Independence
Dickinson (John)
Duportail (Louis Lebegue)
First Continental Congress
Franklin (Benjamin)
Gage (Thomas)
Gates (Horatio)
Gilbert Du Motier Marquis De La Fayette
Greene (Nathanael)
Hale (Nathan)
Hamilton (Alexander)
Henry (Patrick)
Howe (Sir William)
Intolerable Acts
Jay (John)
Jefferson (Thomas)
Jones (John Paul)
King George III
Lee (Charles)
Liberty Bell
Madison (James)
Marshall (John)
Paine (Thomas)
Revere (Paul)
Rochambeau (Jean)
Ross (Betsy)
Second Continental Congress
Shays Rebellion
Sherman (Roger)
Siege of Yorktown
Stamp Act of 1765
Steuben (Friedrich Von)
Surrender of Lord Cornwallis
Townshend Acts
Treaty of Paris
Washington (George)
Washington (Martha)
Witherspoon (John)

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