Productive Planner

$12.00 for 1 year access & updates (no auto-renewals)

For all of the homeschooling “pen & paper” planner people!
Take control of your tasks and schedule with the Productive Planner.

The Productive Planner is an 8.5″ x 11″ editable and printable planner. It has a minimal design with lots of white space and small touches of color.

Upon purchase, you receive access to the (downloadable) planner content listed below plus new and updated planner pages as long as your planner membership remains active. The Productive Planner includes:

  • title page
  • annual calendars, planning, and at-a-glance pages
  • monthly 2-page calendars, planning, and reflection pages
  • monthly 1-page calendars
  • weekly 2-page vertical planning pages
  • lined, dot grid, and square grid notes pages
  • cover, divider, and spine options
  • printable & editable color tabs
  • inspirational quote art
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Take a Peek Inside

Months & Weeks Combined
(Jul-Jun; most headings are editable)

Months & Weeks Combined
(Jan-Dec; most headings are editable)

Months & Weeks Separate
(Jul-Jun; most headings are editable)

Months & Weeks Separate
(Jan-Dec; most headings are editable)

The Planner Base

The Planner Base downloads include:

  • Title Page
  • Annual Pages
  • Monthly Pages (2-page spread)
  • Weekly Pages (2-page spread)
  • Notes

There are 2 calendar layouts:

  • Academic year: July 2024 through June 2025
  • Calendar year: January 2024 through December 2024

There are 2 dated options for each layout:

  • Combined sections for monthly & weekly pages
  • Separate sections for monthly & weekly pages

There is 1 undated option.

All options include editable versions. With an editable version, you can add your name, add a title, and choose your own headings before printing.

Planner Art, Covers, Tabs, & more

The Productive Planner includes 5 cover designs. Each cover design includes 4 pages: background w/title bar (editable), background only (non-editable), background w/add-an-image area, and spines for a binder.

You also receive 4 pieces of Planner Art that you can either print as a full-page divider -OR- add to one of our cover pages.

Create your own repositionable Planner Tabs (as seen above) with our tabs printable and DIY instructions.

Other additional downloads include monthly and annual 1-pager calendars, more notes pages (lined, dot grid, and square grid), and divider pages.

I have space for all my kids, plus supper, appointments, you name it.

I want to share with you what a blessing your yearly planner has been for us. This is our 3rd or 4th year using it and I have space for all my kids, plus supper, appointments, you name it. I cannot express enough how much I depend on that book, and actively get excited when it’s time for the new one to come out.

Autumn L.

…every year it just seems to get better

I absolutely love your planner and options (every year it just seems to get better 🙂)! I print out the way I like it and then get it spiral bound at my local copy shop for $6.🤗

Jackie Ladomato


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Basic Lined Notebooking Pages

100 unique notebooking layouts using a variety of borders and clip-art. Also includes 25 color border pages.

  • 100 different notebooking layouts/designs
  • 25 color border pages
  • primary-dashed and regular line options
Boxes & Borders Notebooking Pages

Notebooking pages with over 150 different border options and a wide variety of portrait and landscape layouts plus 3 line options for each lined page.

  • over 150 different bordered notebooking sets
  • portrait and landscape options for each set
  • portrait has 26 page options; landscape has 19 page options
  • standard, standard-dashed, and wide-dashed line options for each set
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All-Purpose Notebooking Pages

All Purpose Notebooking Pages
Our All-Purpose notebooking pages are your go-to notebooking pages for ANY topic your child wants to study.

These sets include over 100 page layouts, 150 border styles, and varying line options to accommodate all students.

Titles include: