Homeschool with Notebooking Quick Start Guide

How to Homeschool with notebooking Quick Start Guide

Learn how to homeschool without the busywork!

The quick start guide shortcuts your transition from a stressed-out, stretched-thin, busy homeschooler to a relaxed, confident, and blissfully content homeschooler.

Even better …

  • There is nothing to buy.
  • No fancy preparations.
  • No teeth pulling either.

We will keep this simple and gentle. 🙂

I do ask 1 thing from you.

Give yourself a week to play, experiment, and mull over these ideas.

Yes, you may need to take a break from other subjects or activities.

Wait, what is that?  You need to get permission?

Okay, let’s see, hmmmmm.

Who do we go to for permission when it comes to doing what is best for our children???

Oh, yeah, I know…

NOBODY! You got this!  

You are right here, right now reading this guide because you want to make a change, right?

As the saying goes, this is not a race; it’s a journey.

It’s time to rebuild, refuel, and learn some new skills. 

Take the time.  Take a week.


I get it.

I receive dozens of emails each week from homeschoolers who are (maybe) just like you. What do they say?  They’re scared they’re not doing it right, they’re scared they’re failing their kids, they’re scared of changing things AGAIN, they’re scared of what others will think if they only knew XYZ about fill-in-the-blank… and on and on.

I was once in their YOUR shoes.  I was tired of trying one more thing not knowing how it would turn out.  I didn’t want to put my kids through another round of Mom’s newest “great idea”.

Here’s what I have to say to that.  I’ve used the tools and ideas I’m about to share with you consistently for over 15 years with my children… children of all ages, abilities, educational and emotional backgrounds.  These tools have been the mainstay of our homeschool during the best of times and the worst of times.

Yes, we have bad days and days where we want to quit.  But that’s not the norm.

Dozens and dozens (probably hundreds) of families have sent me their testimonies over the past decade and they share a similar experience.  These tools and ideas work well for many children and families.

Give it a try.  Or at least a read-through.

Homeschool with Notebooking – Quick Start Guide
  • Lesson 1: Changing Your Mindset
  • Lesson 2: The Glue that Makes it Stick Together
  • Lesson 3: Make Learning Memorable
  • Lesson 4: Avoiding Roadblocks, Potholes, and Detours
  • Additional Resources

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Basic Lined Notebooking Pages

100 unique notebooking layouts using a variety of borders and clip-art. Also includes 25 color border pages.

  • 100 different notebooking layouts/designs
  • 25 color border pages
  • primary-dashed and regular line options
Boxes & Borders Notebooking Pages

Notebooking pages with over 150 different border options and a wide variety of portrait and landscape layouts plus 3 line options for each lined page.

  • over 150 different bordered notebooking sets
  • portrait and landscape options for each set
  • portrait has 26 page options; landscape has 19 page options
  • standard, standard-dashed, and wide-dashed line options for each set
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All-Purpose Notebooking Pages

All Purpose Notebooking Pages
Our All-Purpose notebooking pages are your go-to notebooking pages for ANY topic your child wants to study.

These sets include over 100 page layouts, 150 border styles, and varying line options to accommodate all students.

Titles include: