Our Story // video

Homeschool without Busywork

I struggled with homeschool overwhelm for six years before I found our cure. The answer was not a new method, a better curriculum, or a more organized schedule. I'd love to share our story.

Doom & Gloom of Homeschooling

Doom & Gloom of Homeschooling

Part 1 // Homeschooling wasn’t working out like I thought it would (or should). Each day was a struggle. It felt more like a to-do list instead of a blessing or privilege.

3 Homeschooling MythS

3 Homeschool Myth Traps

Part 2 // The 3 homeschool traps that kept me from finding the freedom and confidence I desired for our homeschooling. These traps are our own doing and can keep us stuck for years!

Victory over Busywork

Victory over Busywork

Part 3 // I was no longer trapped by a method, a curriculum, or an ideal schedule. It was at this turning point that I took the advice of another homeschool mom.

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