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There’s No Place Like Home (Shelly Sangrey)
FABULOUS videos about notebooking …Notebooking Playlist (… SO AWESOME!)
Notebooking 101: Freewriting Journals
Notebooking 101: Copywork FAQs
Notebooking 101: Interest-Led Notebooking
How to Use Notebooking with Read-Alouds in Your Homeschool
The Busy Mom’s Guide to Notebooking Resources
10 Reasons Why You Should Use Notebooking in Your Homeschool
12 Easy Ways to Use Notebooking in Your Homeschool
Revolutionize Your Homeschool with Notebooking Success!
Large Family Homeschool Hack #3: Read-Alouds and Notebooking

Ben & Me (Marcy Crabtree)
5 Ways to Use Notebooking in Middle and High School
Notebooking Across the USA (FREE unit studies!)

Harmony Fine Arts at Home (Barb McCoy)
Notebooking with Living Books for High School or Don’t Kill a Living Book
Top 5 Reasons to Use Notebooking Pages in High School
High School Notebook Pages (Photo Album)
Notebooking for High Schoolers
Notebook Pages in a Charlotte Mason Homeschool
Tapestry of Grace and Notebooking: How To Choose Topics
How To Set Up a History Notebook Using a Timeline and Notebook Pages
How To Use Notebook Pages To Write An Essay Using the Institute for Excellence in Writing System

Homegrown Learners (Mary Prather)
5 Ways to Use Notebooking in Your Homeschool
Notebooking Through Classical Conversations
Using Notebooking Pages In Every Area Of Your Homeschool
How to Use Notebooking In Your Homeschool
Music History and Notebooking for The Birds – SQUILT Lesson #10

The Heart of Michelle (Michelle Cannon)
The 7 Best Benefits of Notebooking
Notebooking for Reluctant Writers

Educating Laytons (Stef Layton)
Current Events Country Study

Desperate Homeschoolers (Tina Chen)
Learning about Brazil – Children Around the World

Learning Mama (Alison White)
Notebooking in Your Classical Homeschool

Practical, By Default (Jen Mackinnon)
My Kids Hate Cut & Paste. Notebooking Pages to the Rescue!
Get Outside with Backyard Bird Feeder and Notebooking Fun!

You Really Can Homeschool (Jackie Lee)
Missouri Scavenger Hunt with Notebooking Pages

Life of a Homeschool Mom (Heather Bowen)
Benefits of Notebooking in Homeschooling + Free Fall Notebooking Prompts Calendar

Musings from My Garden (Heather Eberlin)
Starting Sweet Potato Slips as Nature Study

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