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Toss out the busywork and boring books, the stretched schedule, and stifling scope and sequence. Our notebooking membership helps you unlock the path to flexible, meaningful, and memorable learning …one page at a time.

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"After the first 6 years of experimentation with various homeschool methods, schedules, and curricula, I found myself in a state of exhaustion and burnout. With seven kids in tow, I was in a constant whirlwind, struggling to keep up. "

Debra Reed

Debra Reed
Mother of 10 children, homeschooling since 2000, and the creator / publisher of NotebookingPages.com

Over twenty years ago, I was a public school teacher turned new homeschool mom, filled with excitement about the freedom homeschooling would give our family. I was eager to provide my children with an enjoyable, personalized educational experience.

After the first 6 years of experimentation with various homeschool methods, schedules, and curricula, I found myself in a state of exhaustion and burnout. With seven kids in tow, I was in a constant whirlwind, struggling to keep up. 

We meticulously checked all the right boxes, advanced each kid from one grade to the next, and even managed to impress the naysayers with our memorized timelines, poems, and Latin declensions. But I couldn’t help but wonder at what cost? 

The majority of our day spent with the “read a book, study, take a test, and forget it” method was an endless cycle of busywork, far from the true learning I had envisioned. To make matters worse, our homeschool days were dragging on for 7-8 hours, a far cry from the “enjoyable, individualized educational experience” I wanted for my children.

Just as I was about to drown myself in this way of homeschooling, a seasoned homeschool mom popped into my world offering a “revolutionary-to-me” solution – notebooking.

Notebooking transformed our homeschooling experience. It allowed me to merge my kids for subjects like Bible, History, and Science using engaging books while ensuring each child could learn and process the material at their own level. 

Notebooking seamlessly integrated most of our language arts into these subjects, saving us precious hours each day. Notebooking also gave us the freedom to follow our curiosities and chase the rabbit trails that interested my children. 

Most importantly, notebooking introduced a “read to learn, write to learn” approach that felt entirely natural to me and significantly reduced the time spent on homeschooling each day. It wasn’t just an engaging and effective homeschool method; it was more enjoyable for everyone.

I began this website, and eventually created our notebooking lifetime membership, as a way to share what I was learning about notebooking with other homeschool moms. Since that time, I’ve written step-by-step notebooking tutorials, created thousands of notebooking pages, and developed two notebooking apps to make notebooking even simpler to implement in our homeschools.

My mission is to help you break free from busywork, burnout, and overwhelm so that you can make homeschooling more effective and enjoyable for both you and your children …with notebooking!

How to Homeschool with Notebooking

—Our Story—

How to Homeschool with Notebooking

Notebooking is the most simple, engaging, and effective way to make learning meaningful and memorable without complicated curriculum or dry, stuffy textbooks.

What is Notebooking?

Notebooking is a creative learning method where your child writes, draws, and compiles information about a subject or topic they are studying, all within a personalized notebook that showcases what they have learned.

Instead of filling in the blanks of a worksheet to test what your child knows, notebooking frees your child to SHOW and TELL what he’s learned, what he found interesting, and to do so using his own choice of words and imagery without fear of giving the wrong answers.

Our kids notebooking pages

More than a grade on a piece of paper, notebooking provides him with a deeper connection and wider appreciation for the things he’s studied.

Through notebooking, your child becomes a storyteller, a teacher, and in some cases an expert after spending so much quality time with his studies. It’s an enriching experience unlike the former busywork.

Ready to Transform Your Homeschool?

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Join the Notebooking Membership

Join us in the Lifetime Membership for unlimited access to our comprehensive notebooking pages library, guides, apps, and more.

Follow the Notebooking Quick Start Guide

Use the notebooking Quick Start Guide, notebooking pages, and notebooking apps to develop a flexible, effective plan for learning in your homeschool.

Watch Their Joy for Learning Grow

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility notebooking provides. Watch your students thrive as their joy for learning grows alongside their custom-built notebooks.

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Basic Lined Notebooking Pages

100 unique notebooking layouts using a variety of borders and clip-art. Also includes 25 color border pages.

  • 100 different notebooking layouts/designs
  • 25 color border pages
  • primary-dashed and regular line options
Boxes & Borders Notebooking Pages

Notebooking pages with over 150 different border options and a wide variety of portrait and landscape layouts plus 3 line options for each lined page.

  • over 150 different bordered notebooking sets
  • portrait and landscape options for each set
  • portrait has 26 page options; landscape has 19 page options
  • standard, standard-dashed, and wide-dashed line options for each set
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All-Purpose Notebooking Pages

All Purpose Notebooking Pages
Our All-Purpose notebooking pages are your go-to notebooking pages for ANY topic your child wants to study.

These sets include over 100 page layouts, 150 border styles, and varying line options to accommodate all students.

Titles include: