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History Timeline / Book of Centuries Notebooking System

History Ti...

History Timeline Notebooking System
This is our collection of History Timeline / "Book of Centuries" notebooking templates.

Please note: You add images to the image library from your own clipart, timeline collection, or internet search. The images for this video were found on the internet.

This "system" includes themed borders for each of the four main periods of history:
  • Ancient Times
  • Middle Ages
  • Renaissance & Reformation
  • Modern Times
Templates include:
  • Spines for your notebook
  • Cover Pages, Title Pages
  • Dividers for special topics like Daily Living, Government/Politics, Religion/Philosophy, Science/Technology, & more!
  • Books Read & Resources Used Templates
  • Vocabulary Page
  • Timeline Pages (in multiple formats)
  • 2 Sets of Different Themed Bordered Notebooking Templates *one set for use with our 3D mini-book system and *one set with a variety of frames and mini-timelines (all-in-one style)
This system was created to make notebooking your history studies simple, quick, and fun! The themed borders will give your child's notebook an elegant, organized flair giving him a great place to start recording his study through the centuries. As he adds his own timeline figures, maps, illustrations, narrations, copywork, etc., the book will come to life. When finished, he'll have a beautiful notebook of his studies!

In updates to the treasury membership program, you'll see pages (using these same borders) for individual historical topics, people, events, etc. We'll also have a variety of Dover-style coloring pages for each time period.

Please view the samples below for more details about these pages.

View Sample of Base Pages.
View Sample of Divider Pages.
View Sample of 3D Themed Bordered Notebooking Templates
View Sample of Themed Bordered Notebooking Pages.
View & Print Current List of Available Pages.

Price: $6.95



Bundle(s) including this product:

[BUNDLED] History Complete Notebooking Collection
This is the entire collection of history notebooking sets! This bundled purchase includes:
  • Ancient Times Notebooking Pages
  • Middle Ages Notebooking Pages
  • Renaissance & Reformation Notebooking Pages
  • Modern Times Notebooking Pages
  • Book of Centuries/Timeline Notebooking System



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