How to use the ProClick Binding Machine to bind your own notebooks

In addition to using binders, we also use a special binding tool to create individual notebooks for some topics and purposes. There are a variety of these tools available on the market both online and at your local office supply store. My favorite (so far) has been the ProClick Binding Machine.

This hand-operated tool zips holes all along the edge of your paper. Then you simply insert the flexible spine and zip it closed with the little plastic zipping tool. So easy to use! They easily zip open and close making them perfect for growing notebooks. You can create your own sketchbook, planner, journal, or other type of notebook. You can also snip the spines to make smaller size notebooks like my kids’ quiet time journals pictured below.

How to bind your own notebooks with ProClick Binding Machine - Step 3Pin

We absolutely love this tool! In fact, my husband purchased his own to create presentation booklets for his clients.

I purchased our ProClick tool many years ago from This seems to be the best place to purchase the punching tool. However, it’s nearly double the price it was 10-12 years ago.

Click here to purchase the ProClick tool from

In addition to the ProClick tool, be sure to purchase the open/close spines.(1/2″ yields about 85 pages; 5/8″ yields about 110 pages)

Here are some samples of projects we’ve created with ProClick…

The kids created their own mini-notebooks for their Quiet Times & Prayer Lists:

Make Your Own Quiet Time JournalsPin

These are homeschool assignment / daily record books we created:

Make Your Own Assignment BooksPin

Affiliate Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Bind your own notebooking with the ProClick Binding MachinePin
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