How to Bind Your Own Notebooks

In addition to using binders, we also use a special binding tool to create individual notebooks for some topics and purposes. There are a variety of these tools available on the market both online and at your local office supply store. We have found the Proclick Binding Machine to be the least expensive and most versatile.

This hand-operated tool will zip holes all along the edge of your paper. Then you simply insert the flexible spine and zip it closed with the little plastic zipping tool. So easy to use! They easily zip open and close making them perfect for growing notebooks. You can create your own sketchbook, journal, or other type of notebook. You can also snip the spines to make smaller size notebooks like my kids’ quiet time journals pictured below.

We absolutely love this tool!

I purchased our ProClick tool a few years ago from

Click here for direct link. (affiliate link)
In addition to the ProClick tool, be sure to purchase the open/close spines.
(1/2″ yields about 85 pages; 5/8″ yields about 110 pages)


Kids created their own mini-notebooks for their
Quiet Times & Prayer Lists using the ProClick:

Make Your Own Quiet Time Journals

These are our assignment/daily record books created with the ProClick:

Make Your Own Assignment Books

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  • Alicia Wood says:

    I just looked at the Amazon listing for the binding tool and it looks like it can only “zip” 6 pages at a time. If you wanted to make a larger book, you just have to “zip” until all your pages have holes and then add the comb? Just curious about how time-consuming it actually is (I have always had things bound at office stores).

  • Cindy says:

    I recently purchased the Priceline from Amazon and while it’s true that it only punches holes 6 pages at a time – or less if you’re punching thicker pages – I sat one evening while watching TV and it really doesn’t take that much time. I had 4 “books” of 70 pages each to do. My only advice, pay close attention to whether the pages are aligned carefully before punching. I had a few crooked lines but even with that, they still held and it was unnoticeable once it was bound.

    • Cindy says:

      Proclick…. that is!!! Gotta love auto correct!

  • YL says:

    Can you explain the assignment/daily record books more clearly for us no-English-speaking Swiss people?

  • ccasanova101 says:

    Your notebooks are beautiful! I’m curious where you found/how you made your covers for the quiet time journals? Are they scrapbook coverstock?

    • Debra Reed says:

      Thank you! Yes, we used cardstock, scrapbooking paper, and rubber stamps.

  • maddie says:

    hey how do you make a homemade composition notebook.

    • Debra Reed says:

      Hi Maddie,

      I’ve never made a homemade composition notebook. I would have to Google that idea! :)

  • saba says:

    Hi Debra,

    I just browsed over the notebooks, and it is really great! My son is so excited to start working on the pages.

    Thank you

  • Kimberlee46 says:

    I take care of my grandkids after school and weekends, they can’t wait to come over to work on these notebooks, They go to public school, but they love learning with me,

    Thank You so much

  • Debbie Collazo says:

    Notebooking pages have completely changed our homeschool! Thank you Debra! I would like to see pictures of the 3 ring binders. I’m wondering if you use just one 3 ring binder for each subject for the whole year. Thanks again!

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