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Welcome to our Notebooking Pages Giveaway!

We are giving away 20 Notebooking Pages LIFETIME Memberships plus some other cool prizes from our giveaway sponsors!

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About our Sponsors
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Homeschool Adventure

“We love homeschooling and homeschoolers — and we’re dedicated to helping you teach your children to think critically and stand firm for Truth.

It is so much easier to teach significant subjects when the resources used capture your students’ attention and ignite their love of learning.

Your children need to be equipped to understand these changing times. We’ve created a number of engaging resources that can help.

With our resources, your children can learn how to write skillfully, think critically, and speak articulately as they explore the world of ideas!”


Philosophy AdventureGiveaway Prize:
Philosophy Adventure Volume One 
(digital; $58 value)

Philosophy Adventure teaches students 6th-12th grade how to write skillfully, think critically, and speak clearly as they explore the history of ideas!

SQUILT Music AppreciationSQUILT Music Appreciation provides do-it-yourself and LIVE! classes for elementary and middle grade students. We strive to make music appreciation approachable, affordable, simple, and enjoyable!


Meet the Instruments BundleGiveaway Prize:
Meet the Instruments Bundle
(digital; $26 value)

Learn the Instruments of the Orchestra with engaging flashcards, curated videos, and games.

Barefoot Ragamuffin Curricula

Barefoot Ragamuffin Curricula is Classical Mason: Homeschool curricula with a classical education, Charlotte Mason, twaddle-free flair. We provide literature based curricula for all ages.


WayfarersGiveaway Prize:
Wayfarers, choice of 1 complete year
(digital; $105 value)

Wayfarers is our full curriculum guide. Each volume contains a schedule with all the assignments listed for preschool through graduation, so your entire family can study the same time period together while you only have one guide to keep your studies organized. Each sample includes the reading lists and the first three weeks of lessons. Each day has a two-page spread, and those two pages show all the assignments for all age groups.

Enrichment StudiesI offer art and music appreciation products to homeschool families.


Sound Bites Baroque And ClassicalGiveaway Prize:
Sound Bites: Baroque & Classical
(digital; $30 value)

Easily introduce your kids to the magnificent music of the classical music eras with Sound Bites, our daily music appreciation program that comes straight to your inbox!


Math MammothMath Mammoth offers full math curriculum and supplemental worktexts and workbooks for elementary and middle school (plus some supplemental materials for high school), loved by parents, homeschoolers, and teachers.


Math Mammoth Light Blue SeriesGiveaway Prize:
Math Mammoth, choice of 1 complete level
(digital; $39.50 value)

Math Mammoth Light Blue Series constitutes a full elementary mathematics curriculum for grades 1-7.

Each grade level consists of two student worktexts (A and B), which contain both the teaching (explanations) and all of the student work (exercises). Also included are answer keys, chapter tests, end-of-year test, cumulative review lessons, and a versatile worksheet maker (Internet access required).

There are also lots of videos (available online) that are matched to the curriculum.

Let's Go GeographyLet’s Go Geography is an economical, multi-grade curriculum that introduces kids to 28 different countries & cultures every year. Grades K-2 finish each lesson with a creative craft, while Grades 3-5 wrap up with themed geography journals. Make geography the best part of your week with Let’s Go!


Giveaway Prize:
Let’s Go Geography Year 1, Grades K-5
(digital; $34.99 value)

Let's Go Geography Year 1, Grades K-5

How to Homeschool My ChildGet rid of overwhelm & gain confidence with Kerry Beck, of “How to Homeschool My Child”. She is perfect for moms who need a little encouragement, who want to “see” their curriculum before they buy, or who might be a little (or a lot) tired.

Kerry comes alongside homeschool moms to make your life easier…to give you the confidence to know you’re doing enough… as she shares lessons she learned in homeschooling and fun ways to get your kids to “love learning”.


Drama Free Mom BundleGiveaway Prize:
Drama-Free Mom Bundle
(digital; $45 value)

With Drama-Free Mom, you can enter the “Drama-Free” Zone and discover how to:

-Quit stressing out about your parenting
-Get rid of the drama
-Stop feeling like a failure
-Take worry and anxiety out of your life
-Be joyful
-Smile in the midst of difficult circumstances
-Get control of your overwhelm
-Bring peace to your life, your home, your family


They Call Me BlessedThey Call Me Blessed is a Christ-centered and Charlotte Mason-inspired homeschool community of like-minded moms actively encouraging and supporting one another on a daily basis. We believed that the knowledge of God is the most important knowledge you can give your child and that homeschooling is a God-given calling and a great honor and blessing. Our goal is to help you nurture a restful homeschool through a Biblical living education, and enjoy a beyond-blessed life.


Hebrew For Homeschoolers Level1Giveaway Prize:
Hebrew for Homeschoolers, Beginners Level 1
(digital; $77 value)

Hebrew for Homeschoolers is the best way to learn how to read, write, and speak in just 10 weeks or less! Our professional curriculum is unparalleled in its interactive approach- designed to be both educational and entertaining. Whether you’re looking for an enrichment activity for your children or yourself, look no further than Hebrew For Homeschoolers where we guarantee success year after year!


We help parents create connections and lasting relationships with other Charlotte Mason families for support and guidance along the journey.


2022 Charlotte Mason Inspired ConferenceGiveaway Prize:
2022 Charlotte Mason Inspired Conference
(digital; $25 value)

Learn from 39 veteran homeschool parents, following the Charlotte Mason philosophy. You’ll get expert advice and an inside peek at what life is like for a Charlotte Mason family.

Train up a Child PublishingI believe you can bring your kids’ education to life while still balancing your other responsibilities. When you become a member of the Train up a Child Publishing community, you’ll receive inspiration and resources to give your children a Charlotte Mason-inspired, Biblical education, while learning habits that will help you have a happy, thriving home.


Train Up a Child Publishing - Unit Program ToolsGiveaway Prize:
One complete Unit Study Tools Program (choice of Primary, Intermediate, Preparatory, or Secondary Level)
(digital; $67 value)

Use our unstructured Unit Program Tools to teach how YOU want to teach, rather than having a pre-planned, checkbox homeschool curriculum that tells you exactly what to say, what to do, and when to do it.

Study history, science, language arts, and fine arts together, organized within the framework of nine historical units covering from Creation to Modern.

Your Morning BasketYour Morning Basket helps moms connect with their kids and bring more joy to their homeschool days through the practice of a Morning Basket. From inspirational books to ready-made Morning Time plans (we’ve done the hard work for you), combine your kids to save yourself time and bring truth, goodness, and beauty to your homeschool day!


Giveaway Prize:
Morning Basket Book Bundle (physical; $36 value)
Better Together
Better Together: teaches you why and how to design a part of your homeschool day where the entire family from toddler to teen can learn together.

This time, known as “Morning Time,” has exploded in popularity since its inclusion in Sarah Mackenzie’s homeschool bestseller Teaching From Rest.

Now homeschool mom and former teacher Pam Barnhill breaks down the big ideas and practices of Morning Time for every homeschooler.

GatherGather: Exploring the Wonder, Wisdom, & Worship of Learning at Home takes you inside the world of nine homeschooling families through the stunning photography of Heather Tully. You will see for yourself that learning by gathering together is the key to efficient homeschooling. Families build relationships, share discoveries, experience joy and wonder, and model lifelong learning.

Authors Pam Barnhill of Your Morning Basket and Heather Tully share their own stories along with inspiration, encouragement, and pages of practical advice to help you make whole-family learning viable in your own homeschool.

Foundations Press


A Place Prepared by God: Foundations of American HistoryGiveaway Prize:
A Place Prepared by God: Foundations of American
(physical; $39.95 value)

A Place Prepared by God: Foundations of American History is a study of American history, beginning with the civilizations who lived in North America before the United States was founded, and continuing up until the year 2000. Special emphasis is given to the providence and protection of God upon the believers in the Messiah and those who keep His commands.

Lesson plans each include 36 weeks (180 days).

All Winners receive a Notebooking Pages LIFETIME PLUS Membership!

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Basic Lined Notebooking Pages

100 unique notebooking layouts using a variety of borders and clip-art. Also includes 25 color border pages.

  • 100 different notebooking layouts/designs
  • 25 color border pages
  • primary-dashed and regular line options
Boxes & Borders Notebooking Pages

Notebooking pages with over 150 different border options and a wide variety of portrait and landscape layouts plus 3 line options for each lined page.

  • over 150 different bordered notebooking sets
  • portrait and landscape options for each set
  • portrait has 26 page options; landscape has 19 page options
  • standard, standard-dashed, and wide-dashed line options for each set
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All-Purpose Notebooking Pages

All Purpose Notebooking Pages
Our All-Purpose notebooking pages are your go-to notebooking pages for ANY topic your child wants to study.

These sets include over 100 page layouts, 150 border styles, and varying line options to accommodate all students.

Titles include: