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What’s the MEASURE of your homeschooled child’s SUCCESS?
Will he graduate with MORE than a piece of paper that says,”I AM EDUCATED.
How much has he TRULY learned? How much will he REMEMBER?
Does he have a LOVE of learning that DRIVES him to be a LIFE-LONG, SELF-TAUGHT learner?

Watch our video to see answers to these questions & more!

“After 6 years of homeschooling, I knew I wasn’t giving my kids the “best of the best”. I didn’t want them to turn out like me, a great student who 20 years later, with high school & college diplomas in hand, doesn’t remember much of anything taught. When we notebook our studies, quite frankly, the knowledge STICKS. Lightbulbs click and eyes shine! We have a growing treasury of their homeschooling journey.”

Debra Reed … owner & publisher of NotebookingPages.com
Homeschool mom of 10 children (ages toddler – adult)


What is notebooking?

Notebooking is the coined term for what one may refer to as educational journaling or scrapbooking. Essentially, the idea is to create a compilation of what has been learned and experienced in any number of subjects or activities and organize it in a notebook (or binder).

What will notebooking do for my child?

Notebooking opens time and opportunity to dig deeper into subjects, especially those HE wants to pursue. As he converses through his written words and pictures, he will develop a “relationship” with the people, places, events, concepts, & ideas of what he studies. Notebooking will capture the knowledge as well as personal reflections of what he learned. His finished notebook will be a treasure for years to come as he reviews what he learned and admires the elements that he brought to the subjects through this keepsake notebook. More than a grade on a report card or a high school diploma, he will have a deep connection, remembrance, and resource collection of all he learned to show and tell “he is educated“.

How do we use notebooking in our daily studies?

Start with a subject that your child already enjoys.

  1. Cut out the busywork–activities that do not promote him to be a purposeful, evaluative, reflective, decisive learner.
  2. Focus time on reading good quality books that engage his curiosity, having Socratic discussions, and making time for verbal narrations of what he learned or found interesting.
  3. Then, set them him loose with his notebook to write, draw, and create a record of what HE learned.

(He’s not limited to what some expert, worksheet, or test deems important– the world is his open book!)

Why should we use your notebooking pages collections?

The notebooking pages I design get the job done EASILY without compromising QUALITY. They are designed for all ages & writing abilities giving you variety and built-in flexibility that fits the individuality of your children. I have notebooked with 9 of my 10 kids (so far). No set is/was created without considering their needs.

Each notebooking set has a collection of lined layouts & themes using clip art, graphics, & frames to give a myriad of notebooking choices. These choices make notebooking SIMPLE, BEAUTIFUL, & DO-ABLE. With notebooking, you will not see the “unlearning” phenomena that happens with traditional methods. These sets make notebooking easy to implement on a daily basis which means the learning will STICK.

The Notebooking Pages
LIFETIME Treasury Membership Program

LIFETIME Membership
Feature #1:

Includes over $1000 worth of notebooking pages products

Our LIFETIME membership gives you access to ALL of our currently available notebooking products … that’s currently over 50 individual notebooking sets + our 50 individual USA state study sets + over 100 individual country and provinces sets. These printable products are yours to keep and access via your membership account indefinitely. There’s no hurry to download – the links for these products will never expire.


3-D Notebooking Pages System (details) $12.95
An assorted number of decorative borders, colorful borders, and fancy borders.
Available in both regular and primary-lined formats.


A-Z Animals Notebooking Pages (details) $2.95
A-Z Sports Notebooking Pages (details) $2.95
A-Z Transportation Notebooking Pages (details) $2.95

A-Z Notebooking Pages are mini-themed sets perfect for quick notebooking of the available topics.
Available in both regular and primary-lined formats.


Basic Primary and Regular-Lined Notebooking Pages (more details) $12.95
100 different layouts …great for a variety of subjects or studies. Also includes 25 bonus color border pages.
Available in both regular and primary-lined formats.


Character Study Notebooking Pages (details) $3.00


Alphabet Copywork Notebooking Pages (details) $3.95

Copywork Notebooking Pages (Animal Designs) (details) $3.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Celtic Designs) (sample) $2.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Checkered Designs) (sample) $2.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Christmas Designs) (sample) $3.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Circle Designs) (sample) $2.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Diamond Designs) (sample) $2.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Musical Designs) (sample) $2.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Patriotic Designs) (sample) $3.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Spiral Designs) (sample) $2.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Star Designs) (sample) $2.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Winter Designs) (sample) $2.95



African American Notebooking Pages (details) $5.95
American Presidents Notebooking Pages (details) $8.95
Famous Artists & Picture Study Notebooking Pages (details)$9.95
Famous Composer Notebooking Pages (details) $5.95
Famous People in Church History Notebooking Pages (details) $5.95
Famous Poets Notebooking Pages (details) $2.95
Famous World Explorers Notebooking Pages (details) $5.95
Presidential First Ladies Notebooking Pages (details) $4.95



Continental Maps Notebooking Pages (details) $3.95

13 Colonies Themed Notebooking Pages (details) $2.95
National Parks, Monuments, & Memorials Notebooking (details) $9.95
State Birds, Flowers, Flags, & Seals Notebooking & Reference Pages (details) $4.95
United States of America Notebooking Pages (details) $3.95


Alabama $3.95
Alaska $3.95
Arizona $3.95
Arkansas $3.95
California $3.95
Colorado $3.95
Connecticut $3.95
Delaware $3.95
Florida $3.95
Georgia $3.95
Hawaii $3.95
Idaho $3.95
Illinois $3.95
Indiana $3.95
Iowa $3.95
Kansas $3.95
Kentucky $3.95
Louisiana $3.95
Maine $3.95
Maryland $3.95
Massachusetts $3.95
Michigan $3.95
Minnesota $3.95
Mississippi $3.95
Missouri $3.95
Nebraska $3.95
Nevada $3.95
New Hampshire $3.95
New Jersey $3.95
New Mexico $3.95
New York $3.95
North Carolina $3.95
North Dakota $3.95
Ohio $3.95
Oklahoma $3.95
Oregon $3.95
Pennsylvania $3.95
Rhode Island $3.95
South Carolina $3.95
South Dakota $3.95
Tennessee $3.95
Texas $3.95
Utah $3.95
Vermont $3.95
Virginia $3.95
Washington $3.95
West Virginia $3.95
Wisconsin $3.95
Wyoming $3.95
*Washington, D.C. $3.95

Includes over 160 individual country study notebooking pages sets so far! (details)

Afghanistan $4.95
Albania $4.95
Algeria $4.95
Andorra $4.95
Angola $4.95
Antiqua and Barbuda $4.95
Argentina $4.95
Armenia $4.95
Australia $4.95
Austria $4.95
Azerbaijan $4.95
Bahamas $4.95
Bahrain $4.95
Bangladesh $4.95
Barbados $4.95
Belarus $4.95
Belgium $4.95
Belize $4.95
Benin $4.95
Bermuda $4.95
Bhutan $4.95
Bolivia $4.95
Bosnia Herzegovina $4.95
Botswana $4.95
Brazil $4.95
Brunei $4.95
Bulgaria $4.95
Burkina Faso $4.95
Burundi $4.95
Cambodia $4.95
Cameroon $4.95
Canada $4.95
Cape Verde $4.95
Cayman Islands $4.95
Central Africa Republic $4.95
Chad $4.95
Chile $4.95
China $4.95
Colombia $4.95
Comoros $4.95
Congo $4.95
Costa Rica $4.95
Croatia $4.95
Cuba $4.95
Cyprus $4.95
Czech Republic $4.95
Denmark $4.95
Djibouti $4.95
Dominica $4.95
Dominican Republic $4.95
Ecuador $4.95
Egypt $4.95
El Salvador $4.95
Equatorial Guinea $4.95
Eritrea $4.95
Estonia $4.95
Ethiopia $4.95
Falkland Islands $4.95
Fiji $4.95
Finland $4.95
France $4.95
Gabon $4.95
Gambia $4.95
Georgia $4.95
Germany $4.95
Ghana $4.95
Greece $4.95
Guatemala $4.95
Guinea $4.95
Guinea Bissau $4.95
Guyana $4.95
Haiti $4.95
Honduras $4.95
Hungary $4.95
Iceland $4.95
India $4.95
Indonesia $4.95
Iran $4.95
Iraq $4.95
Ireland $4.95
Israel $4.95
Italy $4.95
Ivory Coast $4.95
Jamaica $4.95
Japan $4.95
Jordan $4.95
Kazakhstan $4.95
Kenya $4.95
Kiribati $4.95
Kosovo $4.95
Laos $4.95
Latvia $4.95
Lesotho $4.95
Liberia $4.95
Libya $4.95
Liechtenstein $4.95
Luxembourg $4.95
Macedonia $4.95
Madagascar $4.95
Mali $4.95
Malta $4.95
Marshall Islands $4.95
Mauritania $4.95
Mayotte $4.95
Mexico $4.95
Monaco $4.95
Mongolia $4.95
Morocco $4.95
Myanmar $4.95
Namibia $4.95
Naura $4.95
Nepal $4.95
Netherlands $4.95
New Zealand $4.95
Nicaragua $4.95
Niger $4.95
Nigeria $4.95
North Korea $4.95
Norway $4.95
Oman $4.95
Pakistan $4.95
Palau $4.95
Panama $4.95
Paraguay $4.95
Peru $4.95
Poland $4.95
Portugal $4.95
Qatar $4.95
Romania $4.95
Russia $4.95
Rwanda $4.95
Saint Kitts and Nevis $4.95
Saint Lucia $4.95
Saint Vincent $4.95
San Marino $4.95
Saudi Arabia $4.95
Senegal $4.95
Serbia $4.95
Seychelles $4.95
Sierra Leone $4.95
Singapore $4.95
Slovakia $4.95
Solomon Islands $4.95
Somalia $4.95
South Africa $4.95
Spain $4.95
Sri Lanka $4.95
Sudan $4.95
Suriname $4.95
Sweden $4.95
Switzerland $4.95
Thailand $4.95
Tonga $4.95
Tunisia $4.95
Turkey $4.95
Tuvalu $4.95
Ukraine $4.95
United Kingdom $4.95
Uruguay $4.95
Uzbekistan $4.95
Vatican City $4.95
Venezuela $4.95
Vietnam $4.95
Yemen $4.95
Zambia $4.95
Zimbabwe $4.95

PLUS ALL 13 Canadian Province Study Pages (sample) $2.95 each


Timeline / Book of Centuries Notebooking System (details) $6.95

Ancient Times Complete Set $19.95 (details)
Ancient Americas History Notebooking Pages
Ancient China, Japan & India History Notebooking Pages
Ancient Egypt & Africa History Notebooking Pages
Ancient Greeks, Minoans, & Mycenaeans History Notebooking Pages
Ancient Mesopotamia Notebooking Pages
Ancient Romans, the Early Church, & other European Cultures Notebooking Pages

Middle Ages (details) (current topics) $9.95
Renaissance & Reformation (details) (current topics) $9.95
Modern Times (details) (current topics) (current CIVIL WAR topics) (current REVOL WARtopics) $9.95


Latin & Greek Word Study Pages (details) $2.00



Anatomy Notebooking Pages (details) $7.95
Astronomy Notebooking Pages (details) $2.95
Basic Science & Experiment Notebooking Pages (details) $3.95

Nature Study Notebooking Pages (details) $10.95

All About Birds – Basic Study Notebooking Pages (details) $2.95
Basic Science & Experiment Pages $3.95
Birds of the World Notebooking Pages (details) $5.95
Mammals Notebooking Pages (details) $5.95
North American Birds Notebooking Pages (details) $8.95
Tropical Birds Notebooking Pages (details) $5.95

Plants & Trees Basic Study Notebooking Pages (details) $5.95
Trees of North America Notebooking Pages (details) $5.95
Wildflowers, Weeds, & Garden Flowers Notebooking Pages (details) $12.95

Features of Our Printable Notebooking Pages

    We have pages for any subject & style of learning: art/music, biography, character study, copywork, geography, history, latin/greek, nature study, & science as well as our 3-D notebooking pages system, A-Z topical notebooking pages, & Basic Lined Pages that can be used with ANY subject.

    Each notebooking set includes a wide variety of layouts, frames, and lines. Most sets have 3-5 layout choices per individual topic or theme.
    The pages have a child-friendly, but “elegant” look. They will work for your very young as well as your teens.
    Each notebooking pages set is available in a downloadable format. Our products come with a great number of notebooking pages. There are choices and usually lots of them! Each child may pick a different page or they may all pick the same. You are welcome to print any and all pages as often as you like for your family or classroom. The files are yours to use forever!


Basic Pages

We have been notebooking since we began homeschooling over 8 years ago – so the Treasury seemed like a natural fit for us. The Notebooking Treasury is a ‘treasure’! Easy access to such a variety of pages has taken the work out of this part of our journey. In addition, The Notebooking Publisher allows my children to develop their own pages, which adds a whole new element to their learning. Even if you are new to notebooking, the Treasury is well worth your investment and it will quickly become your go-to source!
–Mrs. H

LIFETIME Membership
Feature #2:

Access to ALL future notebooking products & updates

Your membership comes with ALL past, present, & future downloadable products — a LIFETIME membership.

Here is what we have added to our
LIFETIME memberships since 2012.

As a mother of a special needs student, I have found the Treasury Membership to be an invaluable resource in our home school. I love all of the options available and can usually find a page that works with whatever topic we may be studying on any given day. If not, I have the ability to create what I need. How great is that?!?!? Any curriculum can be enhanced with this incredible package! Our next project is to have my son create some of his own pages using the Notebooking Publisher app.

LIFETIME Membership
Feature #3:

FREE 12 months access to our exclusive
notebooking & copywork web-app

Your LIFETIME membership purchase gives you 12 months FREE access to our exclusive notebooking and copywork web-application. The Notebooking Publisher™ is a web-based application designed to enable mom and students to customize and create their own notebooking (& copywork) pages.

Create Your Own, Customized Notebooking Pages
You can add your own text, titles, narrations, stories, scanned artwork, photos, & clipart PLUS the provided embellishments to:

  • Customize 1000s of preloaded printable notebooking templates.
  • Create your own printable notebooking templates from scratch.
  • Save your templates to the web-app to use again and again for new projects.

Create Your Own, Customized Copywork Pages

  • Do you struggle to put together cursive models of your children’s copywork? I do.
  • Do you resort to pre-packaged workbooks of copywork passages? I have.
  • Do you find your child needs a different width line as he matures? Of course.
  • Do you want to give your child the ability to create his own copywork pages? You bet!

With our new print and cursive copywork fonts and copywork “add line” feature in The Notebooking Publisher™, you and/or your children can create customized copywork pages to go with whatever you are studying … quickly and easily!

Save Your Work in Multiple Formats

  • Create printable PDF pages.
  • Create JPG images of your work to store/share in digital projects on your computer or via the internet.
  • Create notebooking and copywork templates you can save for use over and over again.

Awesome Benefits of The Notebooking Publisher™ Web-app

  • Students can type their written work …great for high-schoolers!
  • Students are part of the design and layout process … digital creativity & experience.
  • Limitless notebooking options … create pages for ANY topic.
  • Eliminates the learning curve and huge cost of other desktop publishing software.
    The web-app is super simple to use and comes preloaded with 1000s of notebooking templates ready for customization. It does what you need it to do without creating more busywork.

The Notebooking Publisher™ Web-App Demonstration

Custom Copywork Demonstration

Access to The Notebooking Publisher™ Web-app is for LIFETIME members ONLY.
After your FREE 12 months access, you may renew access for just $2.49/month.

I am so glad to have found Notebooking Pages, especially Notebooking Publisher. My son has great difficulties with writing. It was a constant battle every day. Now, that I he can type responses directly on the notebook page I created with the Notebooking Publisher. Also, he has begun creating his own pages using pictures and text related to given assignment. I personally enjoy the freedom of creating pages from scratch or from pre-designed templates. The Notebooking Publisher App is simple and easy to use. It has been a life saver! You can see a few examples of documents I created from the Notebook Publisher App on Flickr Digital Notebook Page (great way to store digital notebook pages).
–Bradford Simpson

LIFETIME Membership
Bonus Feature:

$100+ homeschool e-gift package

Join today and immediately receive $100+ in homeschool e-gifts from our member sponsors … homeschool planning/planner resources, lapbook unit-studies, art & music mini-unit study, Bible curriculum, nature studies, etc.

Bible Road Trip – Year One Curriculum

The Bible Road Trip Year One Curriculum is a 480-page digital PDF download of the full Bible Road Trip Year One curriculum for all five levels, preschool through high school. The Bible Road Trip Year One Curriculum includes the Parent / Teacher Guide and 32 weeks of curriculum schedules for all grades.
by Danika Cooley

Knowledge Quest, Inc. — Map Trek: Ancient World

Stop scouring the internet for maps and get back to teaching history! Grab your children by the hand. It’s time to explore our world with a map trek. And what better place is there to start than with the ancient time period? You no longer need to search for the map you need. They can all be right at your fingertips, ready to go. We have heard your comments throughout the years and have set out to provide THE most attractive and highly useful maps for home educators.

Outdoor Hour Challenges – Getting Started

The Outdoor Hour Challenges provide simple ideas for nature study for children of all ages. Along with the challenges, this eBook contains a complete set of custom notebook pages to complement
each assignment.
by Barbara McCoy

Katie’s Homeschool Cottage – Insects: A Unit Study Using Charlotte Mason Methods and More

Everything you need at your fingertips to complete a unit study about insects with your young ones from preschool age up to your not so young ones anymore through high school is included in this ebook!
All the work has been done for you!
by Katie Glennon

The Old Schoolhouse — Turning Points in Homeschooling

Have you lost sight of why you chose to homeschool in the first place? Whether you’re trying to get your bearings as you consider homeschooling or looking for encouragement Turning Points in Homeschooling can help.

MomsToolBelt.com – Homeschool Planner Pages

Create a homeschool planner notebook for you and a student homeschool planner for the kids!

Harmony Fine Arts – Van Gogh and Handel Mini-Unit

This Harmony Fine Arts mini-unit provides 4-6 weeks of art and music appreciation featuring Vincent Van Gogh and Handel’s Water Music. There are suggested follow up art and color wheel activities. Includes 7 custom notebook pages and 6 coloring pages. Art prints and listening links included.

Creative Learning Connection – Leonardo Da Vinci Topical Study

This book includes everything you would need to teach a unit on da Vinci. In addition to the lapbook and the timeline game, it includes all of Doing Da Vinci for Kids and Da Vinci: His Life and His Legacy. It also includes excerpts from Catherine’s first three Da Vinci novels and Exploring Da Vinci’s Last Supper, and some pictures that are not in any of the other books.

The topics within the main portion of the book correlate to different periods of his life – and are laid out in the same chronological order they first appeared in my Da Vinci: His Life and His Legacy. It includes a one page overview of each of the periods of his life, so you have a context for them. You may, of course, study/teach the topics in any order you prefer.

Confessions of a Homeschooler – Charlotte’s Web Unit Study & Lapbook

Enjoy a fun unit study to go along with the popular classic “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White. This unit contains educational lessons, activities, and a fun lap book that your students will work on as they progress through the book. It also includes book reports, vocabulary, critical thinking, story timelines, and comprehension.

Train Up a Child Publishing / Epi Kardia Home Education – Designing a High School Course Using Real Books

With our e-book, Designing a High School Course Using Real Books, all of the direction you need to start creating your own courses customized according to the interests and abilities of your student(s) is at your fingertips.

Journey Through Learning with Lapbooks – Little House in the Big Woods Lapbook

This lapbook is designed to follow Little House in the Big Woods written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It is written to have your child read a chapter at a time before doing the lapbook activities.

Ancient Paths Christian Bookstore -

2 workshop presentations by Sue Pruett, The Charlotte Mason GirlLiving Books and How to Use Them
by Sue Pruett

The Extras That Aren’t Extra…
Music, Composer Study, Artist Study, Handcrafts, Folk Songs, Hymns, Foreign Language, Free reading, and Poetry

by Sue Pruett

I purchased my membership in August 2012, and it has been one of the most valuable homeschooling investments I have made. We use Apologia science and have been using notebookingpages.com for the notebooking assignments instead of purchasing their preprinted books. My boys really enjoy using the Notebooking Publisher to make their own pages. I’m really excited about all the new features that are being added!

What Others Say About Our Notebooking Pages & LIFETIME Treasury Membership Program

“…The possibilities for using these pages really are endless. Whether you choose a flower-bordered page with lots of writing lines or an insect-inspired one with just a few writing lines, the choice is yours. If you are studying an important historical person, maybe you’ll want to use the biography notebooking page. … One-hundred different pages that can each be used in many different ways equals notebooking bliss!…”
Review from The Old Schoolhouse®, Basic Lined Pages

“I always look forward to the updates.”

I purchased the complete set of Notebooking pages last spring. It was my first purchase from NotebookingPages and I never buy things on impulse like this. I knew as soon as I saw the samples that I wanted this. We have used many of the Alphabet pages, and we also use the Nature Study pages. This month we are starting a study on ancient civilizations and I am just LOVING the notebooking pages. The pictures are great, very detailed and realistic and they are perfect for my little ones. I was worried that we would not be able to use a lot of these pages until they got older (they are in first grade and kindergarten) but we have already used a lot of them! The Ancient Egypt pages we are using now are just beautiful, and my children actually enjoy writing when they use them. I even use the copywork pages for handwriting and spelling practice. It is much more fun to do their work on pretty pages! It is even neater now that you have made this a treasury, and I always look forward to the updates. I can’t wait to use the A-Z Animals pages, I know my kiddos will go crazy for them! Thank you SO much for all of your hard work. I recommend your pages to everyone I know who is homeschooling.

Michelle in Colorado

“The new history time line pages look so cool.”

The new history time line pages look so cool. We are starting a Unit study in January on the founding of our Great Country and can’t wait to utilize these pages with that. Thanks so much for all you do and give to us.

Kimberly in the United States

“We all had fun and learned a lot. Thanks!”
I just purchased the Treasury Membership for my three children, in 1st, 2nd and 4th grades. My 2nd grader recently asked me what I knew about volcanoes (not as much as I’d like to admit) so we gathered several books and printed off many styles of notebooking pages from the Nature Study section. They had a great time, and already have a list of the next topics of study that they each want to do. Normally we would check out a book about volcanoes at the library and that would be that. This way, they practiced penmanship, learned vocabulary words, and have many illustrated pages that they have continued to add to. We all had fun and learned a lot. Thanks!

Amy in Maryland

“… I’ve chosen a variety of sources to round out the study, and this notebooking set quickly became our favorite! There are many options to choose from within each category, … from simple layouts with a few lines to “scrapbook style” layouts. … My girls have simply loved recording what they’ve learned in their history study on these notebooking pages. When daddy gets home in the evening, they can’t wait to show him their creations! They go back to their notebooks often, browsing through them and excitedly discussing what they remember of each page!…”

Review from The Old Schoolhouse®, Ancient Times Complete Set

“Pleased to be a member of the Treasury”

Thank you so much for these wonderful colored 3D sets! I LOVE them, I can already think of so many uses! I am pleased to be a member of the Treasury! Thanks again for the great products!

Michelle in Kansas

“I stumbled across your site a few days ago and can’t get enough!”

I am a homeschooling mommy of four children, ages 4-14. I am also a missionary in a remote African village. I have been teaching my children for 10 years, and haven’t yet found my fit in the curriculum world. I have my kids creating binders for Bible history and geography with pages I create & they fill in & decorate. I had no idea that what I was doing was called notebooking or that anyone else did it. I stumbled upon your site a few days ago and can’t get enough! … You have blessed our family tremendously. I plan to tell all the other missionary-homeschool moms here about your site. Most here use Sonlight, and these pages would be fabulous for the kids to use to keep a record of what they’ve learned from the books they’ve read.

Tina in West Africa

“…your site has been invaluable.”

Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. This is our first year doing notebooking and your site has been invaluable. We have the *whole package* and love it. Hope to see more products coming soon. You make it, we’ll buy it! Thank you also for the newsletter subscriber bonuses. I am loving the Mom planning pages. I appreciate the seasonal theme.

C. Beaumont in California

“It’s the best homeschool decision I have ever made.”

I want to share how liberated I felt when I discovered NotebookingPages.com. I had spent countless attempts at trying to make my own *creative* pages, with lines and pictures etc not knowing that there was the best website in the world for all the *creative* pages I needed. Realising now that there was such a thing as *Notebooking* I bought a couple of products from Debra and then decided to take the plunge and buy a Treasury subscription. It’s the best homeschool decision I have ever made. My boring lessons have been made exciting by all the wonderful pages that our thoughts, ideas and lessons can be printed and written on. Do I have any particular favourites? I must confess that I really cannot decide. They are all so great and worthy of top place. Thank you Debra….. with all my heart.

Sandra in New Zealand

“They look incredible and are so easy to use!”
My kids and I absolutely LOVE your notebooking pages! They look incredible and are so easy to use! I love that you can use them for older or younger ones also! All the options for each product page is wonderful!!! Thank you so much for such a helpful and affordable creation!

Julie in Tennessee

“…have LOVED every page…money VERY well spent!”

I bought the treasury membership and have LOVED every page. My kids enjoy them too. From my 10 year old, down to my 2 year old. I love the freedom to ‘shop’ for whatever notebooking pages I need and not worry about how much it’s going to cost. The membership was money VERY well spent!

Shannon in CA

“Wow! … I think everyone from unschoolers to the classically minded could make good use of this nature-journal facilitating software…We usually school year-round, trying to plug in some fun stuff in the summer months along with the usual catch-up. I’ve added “Nature Notebooking” to my summer to-do list, and the kids are 100% behind me. I will also make sure we take pertinent pages (animals, habitats, birds, frames, and borders) with us on our family vacations from now on!”

Review from The Old Schoolhouse®, Nature Study: North American Birds Set

State Study PagesNature Study Pages

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1. You can try our style of products for free before purchasing.
We offer a free resource center where you may use samplers of our resources to determine if they are a good fit for your family.

2. You can view samples of most products before purchasing.
We offer viewable samples for most of our products via the product listing above and in our notebooking shop.

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Cindy Sinars

We have used so many of these pages in our notebooking, lapbooking, unit studies…I can’t imagine how long it would have taken me to make these up from scratch. And I’m certain they wouldn’t have been nearly as nice! The notebooking publisher is an awesome resource that my children will be using more and more as they improve their typing skills.
notebooking pages
We have used so many of these pages in our notebooking, lapbooking, unit studies…I can’t imagine how long it would have taken me to make these up from scratch. And I’m certain they wouldn’t have been nearly as nice! The notebooking publisher is an awesome resource that my children will be using more and more View Full →

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