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  1. SleepyKnitter says:

    OK, so I decided to try this with my girls yesterday morning, just as a little test. I used the gadgets in Word to create nine-page booklets similar to yours with open banners, ovals, rectangles, lines for writing, etc., and printed up three sets, one for me and one for each of my two older children. I said, “I’m going to make a notebook about the Little House books that we read out loud at bed time last year.” I drew some stick figure pictures showing the Ingalls family, a log cabin, a covered wagon, some food items mentioned in the book, an impromptu “map” of America showing the Ingalls’ trail across country, etc., and wrote a descriptive word under each picture. Both girls immediately “got it” and sat down to create their own (after first BEGGING to receive their own set of notebook pages, which I had ready and waiting for their request). Our oldest one, an ESL speaker with some cognitive issues, spent about 30 minutes copying mine page for page, which I felt OK about given her circumstances. Our six-year-old spent an hour expanding in various ways on what I had done and even created her own spelling word list, which I hadn’t suggested to her, and she included words such as blizzard, syrup, Indians, and other words that would never have occurred to me, all from books that were read aloud to her more than a year ago before she could read. Wow. I’m definitely seeing notebooking in our future as a result of this little experiment. Thank you!

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