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American Presidents Notebooking Pages

American Presidents Notebooking Pages
This ebook of 851 notebooking pages includes 5-10 notebooking layouts & 3 continuation pages for each of the American Presidents (George Washington - Barack Obama).

Primary and regular-lined pages available for each layout. When possible, both black line art and portrait images have been offered in the layouts.

Bonus bookmarks for each president are also included.

View Sample of American Presidents Notebooking Pages.
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Price: $8.95



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I have used the "to do planner", "weekly planner" and monthly calendar print outs for over a year now. I love the space provided on all these print outs that give me sufficient space for writing all that I need to. It keeps my schedule in one place thus giving me more order and organization in my life. The to do planner gives me a place to jot all the things that randomly come to mind and the weekly planner keeps them in order so I can get to the items on the to do list. I also like the space provided on the calendar, it is enough to joy important appointments and birthdays, and the weekly planner gives more space to elaborate and include more items.

I have also used the winter themed cover and spine printouts for a organizational notebook. The images were attractive and colorful. I appreciated the different sizes for the spine. And it made my notebook that much more appealing to use.

Thank you notebook pages for all that you provide.

--Deborah Bradley in New York

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