In this video, we demonstrate how to create quick, topical notebooking pages and homeschool printables with the Notebooking Page Generator.

Hey there, it’s Debra Reed. And I’m back with another walk through video from productive homeschooling. Today. We’re going to talk about the page generator app. This is one of two of our PDF editing apps that we have. This one was created for the purpose of creating quick topical printables, whether that’s notebooking pages or some other type of printable, this app will allow you to quickly add a title and an image. Sometimes there might be a couple of other options, but that’s primarily the two options you have one title and one image. Now this is a members only app I am logged in. And so I’m going to go ahead and click right here in the middle page generator app. And this takes you to what will be familiar to our members. It looks very similar to your printables section of the members dashboard. So here we have a listing of the templates and on the sidebar, we have a search filter and a category filter.


Uh, for this demo, I’m going to choose, um, some standard dash lines and a portrait layout that will narrow down the results. And as you’ll see here, we just have six styles in here for this demo, but there’s actually over 150 border styles, plus all the added sets that we’ll have for history and science and so on. But these are just our basic border sets. Um, for this one, I’m going to go ahead and choose the chain style. All right. And just opens up a preview just like it would from our printable section. So you can take a quick glance and see if you like this template. And also kind of see what the layout is as far as where the title would go and where the images would go right down at the bottom. Then we have two options. We can download the file as it is just as a blank PDF, or we can launch the app. And that’s what we’re here to do. So I’m going to launch the app.

All right. So this opens the interface and here’s where you’ll see the options for your title and the image. And these are all optional fields. So if there’s one field you don’t want to use, that’s fine. If you don’t want to use any of the fields, that’s fine. If you don’t fill in any information, I’ll just give you the same blank PDF that you saw on the previous page. All right. So I’m going to go ahead and type in the name of my topical page, student’s name and the date. I don’t even browse my image. And let me say one thing about images while we’re here. These are your images. So these are ones that you’ve downloaded from the internet, or maybe you’ve purchased a clip art collection or have a CD or something, but these are your images. We do not provide an image library for this particular app. All right. So once everything has been filled in, all you do is click generate now,

All right, here we go. First page was just a page with the image option, and then we have one with the title and here’s the name of our student? There’s the date. All right. Can you see all the options had been filled in, and this is ready to go. Now, if there’s anything that you want to go back and change, you can just hit the back button and reset those fields and then click generate again. So now you’re ready to either download or print this file from the options right here at the top. Uh, if you hit download the options here are going to depend on your browser settings. Um, some might just automatically download to your computer. Some may prompt you for your, where you want to save the file. So all of these options are just, they’re basically based on your personal preferences in your browser settings. So I’m going to save, and you do need to rename the file because it just has a random generated string of letters and numbers, which won’t make any sense to you later, when you go back to try to find this file. So you do want to give it your own name and then save it. Or like I said, you could, if you could just print it as well. All right. So that is how you create quick topical, no bookie pages or homeschool printables with the pro school page generator.

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