Customize a state study notebook

Use our drag-n-drop editing program, the Notebooking Publisher, to customize notebooking pages, homeschooling worksheets, copywork, printables, planner pages, and more. In this video, we demonstrate some of the Notebooking Publisher features using our USA State Study Notebooking Pages.

Speaker 1 (00:03):
Earlier this week, a member asked if she could add her own text and images to our state study notebooking pages. Yes, you can definitely do that with the pro school publisher. So let me show you how I would set up that project. I would start by creating a new project titled my state study, and I would do this instead of opening the actual template for the state study pages, because it’s a very large file and you probably do not want all of those pages and your project. So instead I would create this project one page at a time. So starting with page one, right here is activated. I’m going to open up that library where we can find the state study pages, and I’m just going to type in Missouri and then open up the thumbnails for that entire set of pages right here in the left sidebar. So now I can scroll through, find the page that I want and then just drag it into my project. So I’m going to start first with a cover page. Now I’ll go back to my page thumbnails, click the plus spot button down at the bottom to add a second page, go back, find the next page. Maybe I want this one, add a third page and maybe this one, we do our state facts page.


Speaker 1 (01:37):
And let’s add one more. Um, how about a state leader page price? So you can continue on in this fashion adding as many pages as you like to your project. And then when you’re ready now, you can go back and add layers of text and image on top of these pages. So the pages of the template are kind of like in the background, if that helps you to understand how this is going to work. So let’s go ahead and use the government leader page and I’ll show you how to add text and images to any of these pages. So when zoom in and I need, um, first an image here, so I’m going to click on the image icon, and this is where you would upload your images into the publisher. So I have saved a picture of our governor and I’m going to upload that into my image library. Oops, I’ve already done that. Okay. And then I will just drag him onto the workspace and then resize using these little handles.

Speaker 1 (02:49):
Okay. So now I would need to add his name. So I need to add a text box. I want to resize that. So it’s not so bulky. And his name is Mike Parsons. I want you to copy and paste that text frames. I want to use the same size font and everything. Again, he is our governor copy and paste. Again, he is Republican and I do not know his date of birth or hometown. So that’s information. I’d have to go research. And now at the bottom, I have a spot where I can type in more information like report or narration for that I would choose body text.

Speaker 1 (03:49):
I’m going to resize this frame to fit over our lines, double click. And then you would type your narration. I’m going to show you what this would look like. If I were to fill this in with a lot of text, see how the, the text should line up pretty well within the lines. If you have too much text, you can select all of that control a or just select it with your cursor and then go to the text properties and choose a smaller font size to make the text fit inside of that, that frame. So there you go. That is how you could easily go about adding your own images and texts to create a completely customized state study notebook.

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