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Notebooking Pages LIFETIME Membership Program

Keeping busywork, boredom, & burnout out of your homeschool!

1000s of topical pages, themes, and designs
. . . Perfect for any subject or study A to Z!

Art Study ♦ Copywork ♦ Character Study ♦ Famous Men & Women ♦ Geography (state/country studies, continental, world maps) ♦ History of the Ancient World, Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation, and Modern Times ♦ Music Study ♦ Nature Study ♦ Science ♦ Timelines ♦ and more!

Busywork. Boredom. Burnout.
We found FREEDOM from all three in our homeschool.

    Dear Homeschool Mom,

    I also found the freedom and confidence to . . .

  • stop chasing after methods, curricula, and the perfect schedule.
  • stop comparing myself to other homeschool moms.
  • stop worrying about whether or not my kids would measure up to an expert’s standards.
Please watch our story below.

“After 6 years of homeschooling, I knew I wasn’t giving my kids the “best of the best”. I didn’t want them to turn out like me, a great student who 20 years later, with high school & college diplomas in hand, doesn’t remember much of anything taught. When we notebook our studies, quite frankly, the knowledge STICKS. Lightbulbs click and eyes shine! We have a growing treasury of their homeschooling journey.”

Debra Reed … owner & publisher of NotebookingPages.com
Homeschool mom of 10 children (ages toddler – adult)


What is notebooking?

Notebooking is creating and compiling a personalized notebook of learning experiences, new knowledge, insights, sketches, illustrations, creative writing, reflections, and more.

This is not a diary, but more like a scrapbook of things learned.

Instead of filling in the blanks of a worksheet to test what your child has learned (or more so, NOT learned), he notebooks to show and tell what he has learned.

His notebooks capture the knowledge he has learned with his own words, images, and personality.

What will notebooking do for my child?

  • Give him the freedom to study topics more deeply and intently based on what interests him.
  • Remove the confines of a curriculum’s scope and sequence.
  • Discipline your child to soak up important and interesting information as he studies.
  • Capture the knowledge as well as his personal reflections of what he studied.
  • Relieve the pressure of studying and memorizing arbitrary facts for short term testing.
  • Unlock a love for learning as he makes his own connections and finds purpose in what he studies.

Eric NotebookingUnlike many other learning activities, your child will not soon forget what he has notebooked. In addition, he has a personalized notebook to remind him if he does need to jog his memory!

He will own the knowledge and effectively express it to others.

He becomes a storyteller, a teacher, even an expert after such meaningful time spent with his studies.

Through this journey, your child will use and develop a variety of skills – listening, narration, organization, art, and of course writing skills.

He will continue to grow in his ability to …

  • extract important information
  • synthesize information with his own opinions and former research
  • organize what he’s learned and teach it back through both written and visual media.

Notebooking develops PRICELESS skills in your children.

How much more time will this add to our day?

We are already SO busy!

Notebooking DOES NOT ADD to your day.

Notebooking REPLACES THE BUSYWORK that’s NOT working for you!

In our membership area, we have a detailed 3 Step Tutorial to gently guide you through this transition.

For now, here’s the basic flow:

  1. Cut out the busywork.
    Remove anything that doesn’t promote purposeful, evaluative, reflective, decisive learning.
  2. Read books that engage your child’s curiosity.
  3. Orally narrate the topic studied or observed.
  4. Time for notebooking!
    Set your child loose with his notebook to write, draw, and create a record of what HE learned.

Notebooking changes . . .

"I don’t remember what I learned."


"Let me SHOW YOU what I learned."

PLUS, it takes less time and makes a longer lasting impression than your current busywork!
What if my child HATES writing?

Notebooking can be a lifesaver for the child that hates to write (or is reluctant to write). Let him choose a topic he loves and send him off to the library to search for books on this topic.

  • For one of my sons, it was DINOSAURS.
  • For one of my daughters, it was FROGS.
  • For an older child, it may be a hobby, a favorite literature series, or a particular event in history.
  • Often times, just skimming through our topical notebooking pages provides a good place to start!

After he spends some time in his books, ask him to tell you about what he learned. If this is truly his passion, then he will likely have lots to tell you! After this time of oral narration, set him down to write (&/or draw) about he learned.

  • What did he find most fascinating?
  • What new things did he learn?

If he needs some help framing out these ideas, GREAT!
Little by little, we build from one sentence to two, from two sentences to a paragraph, from one paragraph to several, and so on.

One day at a time, one page at a time, he builds this first notebook. He creates a cover page for the notebook. He begins adding other interesting tidbits … maybe a list of interesting facts and figures, a poem or song about his topic, a quote from a famous person, maps, a timeline… anything related to his topic.

His notebook takes shape and he takes pride in his work.

Soon, his confidence in writing builds and writing is no longer something he “hates”.

Notebooking is not limited to a curriculum plan or scope/sequence.
Your child’s interests can provide the content.
Notebooking will provide a natural (and unintimidating) way for him to develop research, organization, and writing skills.

What about my HIGH SCHOOL children?


Notebooking is AWESOME for high schoolers!

Notebooking builds deeper levels of thinking in your child. Why would we want to hang this up at the high school level? This is where years of preparation begin to really pay off!

Remember there are no rules here . . .

You want to use textbooks?
No problem.

You want to take tests?
No problem.

I know the pressure you are under to dot your i’s and cross your t’s with your high school children.

Let’s not compromise a meaningful education
for a well filled out transcript!

Our end game is not a high school diploma.
Our goal is to develop mature, independent life-long learners.

Feeling the pressure to complete those end-of-the-chapter reviews and tests with textbooks?

We did too. Here’s what happened. Without notebooking, my kids actually did very well on the reviews/tests. However, when I quizzed them again a week or two after their test, they had forgotten most of what they "learned".

This was all the proof I needed to keep notebooking through high school. So it was back to notebooking … and yes, even with textbooks! They notebook the chapters (skipping worksheets and any busywork assignments). At the end of the chapter, they take the test for our high school records. HUGE improvement, PLUS they now have an awesome reference notebook.

Notebooking is not limited to writing summaries or narratives . . .
In the younger years, most of the writing is in narrative form. However, in high school, we include essays, research reports, literature analyses, persuasive writing pieces, and more.

Not everything they add to the notebook has to be a formal writing assignment either. Use the notebook as a way to organize notes, collect research, build a portfolio, journal, sketch, brainstorm, mindmap, etc.

Notebooking in high school provides a great way to not only document learning, but also to make learning count. With the addition of our Notebooking Publisher web-app (details below), older kids are no longer limited to pencil/paper, but can now do notebooking by computer as well!

Tired of serving up BUSYWORK

in your homeschool?

You WANT and NEED a better education for your kids.

You need tools and a solution that . . .

  • are EASY to execute.
  • FLEX with real life.
  • have enough VARIETY for your whole family.

Sound like a request for the perfect meal plan?

WITHOUT the right tools in hand,
busywork becomes your GO TO convenience food!

Introducing . . .
The Notebooking Pages
LIFETIME Membership Program

Keeping busywork, boredom, and burnout out of your homeschool!

Features & Benefits of our
Notebooking Pages LIFETIME Membership Program

  • 1000s of topical notebooking pages and designs
    ready to be downloaded and printed for your children.
    (See lots of samples below!)
  • The availability, the variety, and diversity of topics and designs
    in our collection makes notebooking easy to implement on a daily basis with ALL of your children K-12.
  • Unlike other notebooking pages you may find:
    • Our pages are not designed with cutesy, trendy, or distracting graphics and layouts.
    • Our pages are not worksheets being sold under the guise of notebooking pages (a new and growing trend).
  • Our notebooking pages are open-ended, promoting child-led organization, creativity, and deeper levels of thinking.
  • With our notebooking pages, your child’s work will shine and take center stage.
Our Notebooking Pages LIFETIME Membership Program
makes notebooking SIMPLE, BEAUTIFUL, and DO-ABLE
while keeping busywork, boredom, and burnout at bay.

Our LIFETIME Members receive . . .

  • ALL of our CURRENT notebooking products
    Art Study ♦ Copywork ♦ Character Study ♦ Famous Men & Women ♦ Geography (state/country studies, continental maps) ♦ History of the Ancient World, Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation, and Modern Times ♦ Music Study ♦ Nature Study ♦ Science ♦ Timelines ♦ and more!
  • ALL of our FUTURE notebooking products
    It’s an ever-increasing treasury of notebooking pages. I started creating these pages for my kids in 2006 and still have over a decade of teaching left to do . . . LOTS more to add as we continue to explore new topics. This LIFETIME membership will benefit your children AND your grandchildren.
  • Search Bar & Table of Contents
    Our product search bar and table of contents make planning and finding the pages you need quick and easy.
  • Tutorials, Tips, Videos
    LIFETIME Members have access to ALL of our notebooking and homeschooling tutorials, tips, and videos.
  • Unlimited LIFETIME access
    There’s no hurry to download/print everything because you never lose access.

Basic Pages

Features of our Notebooking Pages

  • Variety of Layouts
    Each notebooking set includes a wide variety of layouts, frames, and lines. Most sets have 3-5 layout choices per individual topic or theme.
  • Regular & Dotted Line Formats
    Most of our sets come in both regular and dotted-line formats to accommodate your child’s penmanship needs.
  • K-12 Friendly
    Our notebooking pages have a child-friendly, but elegant look. They will work for your very young as well as your teens.
  • Great for a Spectrum of Abilities
    I have 10 children with various biological backgrounds, traits, learning strengths and weaknesses. I can say, without a doubt, these will work for a WIDE variety of children.
  • For Family & Classrooom Use
    You are welcome to print any and all pages as often as you like for your family or classroom.

Your Questions & Comments

  • Can’t I make my own notebooking pages?
    We have spent thousands of hours since 2006 creating this HUGE collection of topical pages. I know how much work it is. I know how much time is lost to stop in the middle of a lesson to go find clip art or images and then design page(s) on the fly to fit each of your children. Those few minutes easily turn into 10-15 minutes or half an hour … for each lesson/topic. Our collection has 1000s of topics READY-TO-GO. Type the topic in the search feature and instantly you are redirected to those pages.
  • I don’t have time to try something new.
    Is your current plan working for you? Are you spending time where it doesn’t count? Do you feel like your day is spent investing or wasting time? Notebooking replaces your time spent on busywork. The quality of time spent is an investment. An added bonus . . . you will likely finish the day earlier too.
  • I’ve put my kids through so many changes already … what if it doesn’t work out?
    I understand. That’s why we encourage you to go through our free tutorials and resources. We offer these to you because we want you to test the waters and see the benefit for yourself before investing in our LIFETIME membership.
  • I’ve already invested so much money in other curriculum. I can’t afford to waste anymore.
    Notebooking is not a fad. It’s not a curriculum. It’s a tool. Notebooking can be used with any curriculum (or without). Your choice! Our LIFETIME membership is a one time investment that will last your family for YEARS. It can be used with your children AND your grandchildren. In the end, your membership will keep you from overspending on resources you do not need.

Your Notebooking Pages LIFETIME Membership gives you access to ALL of the following products.

Be sure to click the < and > arrow buttons to view all slides & videos!


3-D Notebooking Pages System (details) $12.95
An assorted number of decorative borders, colorful borders, and fancy borders.
Available in both regular and primary-lined formats.

Scroll through to see more samples!


A-Z Animals Notebooking Pages (details) $2.95
A-Z Sports Notebooking Pages (details) $2.95
A-Z Transportation Notebooking Pages (details) $2.95

A-Z Notebooking Pages are mini-themed sets perfect for quick notebooking of the available topics.
Available in both regular and primary-lined formats.

Scroll through to see more samples!


Basic Primary and Regular-Lined Notebooking Pages (more details) $12.95
100 different layouts …great for a variety of subjects or studies. Also includes 25 bonus color border pages.
Available in both regular and primary-lined formats.

Scroll through to see more samples!


Bible Notebooking Pages (more details)
Old & New Testament Topics


Character Study Notebooking Pages (details) $3.00

Scroll through to see more samples!


Alphabet Copywork Notebooking Pages (details) $3.95

Copywork Notebooking Pages (Animal Designs) (details) $3.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Celtic Designs) (sample) $2.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Checkered Designs) (sample) $2.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Christmas Designs) (sample) $3.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Circle Designs) (sample) $2.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Diamond Designs) (sample) $2.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Floral Designs) (sample) $3.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Musical Designs) (sample) $2.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Patriotic Designs) (sample) $3.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Spiral Designs) (sample) $2.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Star Designs) (sample) $2.95
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Winter Designs) (sample) $2.95

Scroll through to see more samples!


  • African American Notebooking Pages (details) $5.95
  • American Presidents Notebooking Pages (details) $8.95
  • Famous Artists & Picture Study Notebooking Pages (details)$9.95
  • Famous Composer Notebooking Pages (details) $5.95
  • Famous Missionaries Notebooking Pages
  • Famous People in Church History Notebooking Pages (details) $5.95
  • Famous Poets Notebooking Pages (details) $2.95
  • Famous Scientists Notebooking Pages
  • Famous World Explorers Notebooking Pages (details) $5.95
  • Presidential First Ladies Notebooking Pages (details) $4.95

Scroll through to see more samples!


World Maps Notebooking Pages (details) $3.95

Continental Maps Notebooking Pages (details) $3.95

13 Colonies Themed Notebooking Pages (details) $2.95
National Parks, Monuments, & Memorials Notebooking (details) $9.95
State Birds, Flowers, Flags, & Seals Notebooking & Reference Pages (details) $4.95
United States of America Notebooking Pages (details) $3.95

Scroll through to see more samples!


Alabama $3.95
Alaska $3.95
Arizona $3.95
Arkansas $3.95
California $3.95
Colorado $3.95
Connecticut $3.95
Delaware $3.95
Florida $3.95
Georgia $3.95
Hawaii $3.95
Idaho $3.95
Illinois $3.95
Indiana $3.95
Iowa $3.95
Kansas $3.95
Kentucky $3.95
Louisiana $3.95
Maine $3.95
Maryland $3.95
Massachusetts $3.95
Michigan $3.95
Minnesota $3.95
Mississippi $3.95
Missouri $3.95
Nebraska $3.95
Nevada $3.95
New Hampshire $3.95
New Jersey $3.95
New Mexico $3.95
New York $3.95
North Carolina $3.95
North Dakota $3.95
Ohio $3.95
Oklahoma $3.95
Oregon $3.95
Pennsylvania $3.95
Rhode Island $3.95
South Carolina $3.95
South Dakota $3.95
Tennessee $3.95
Texas $3.95
Utah $3.95
Vermont $3.95
Virginia $3.95
Washington $3.95
West Virginia $3.95
Wisconsin $3.95
Wyoming $3.95
*Washington, D.C. $3.95

Includes almost 200 individual country study notebooking pages sets! (details)

Afghanistan $4.95
Albania $4.95
Algeria $4.95
Andorra $4.95
Angola $4.95
Antiqua and Barbuda $4.95
Argentina $4.95
Armenia $4.95
Australia $4.95
Austria $4.95
Azerbaijan $4.95
Bahamas $4.95
Bahrain $4.95
Bangladesh $4.95
Barbados $4.95
Belarus $4.95
Belgium $4.95
Belize $4.95
Benin $4.95
Bermuda $4.95
Bhutan $4.95
Bolivia $4.95
Bosnia Herzegovina $4.95
Botswana $4.95
Brazil $4.95
Brunei $4.95
Bulgaria $4.95
Burkina Faso $4.95
Burundi $4.95
Cambodia $4.95
Cameroon $4.95
Canada $4.95
Cape Verde $4.95
Cayman Islands $4.95
Cen. Africa Republic $4.95
Chad $4.95
Chile $4.95
China $4.95
Colombia $4.95
Comoros $4.95
Congo $4.95
Costa Rica $4.95
Croatia $4.95
Cuba $4.95
Cyprus $4.95
Czech Republic $4.95
Dem. Rep. of Congo $4.95
Denmark $4.95
Djibouti $4.95
Dominica $4.95
Dominican Republic $4.95
Ecuador $4.95
Egypt $4.95
El Salvador $4.95
Equatorial Guinea $4.95
Eritrea $4.95
Estonia $4.95
Ethiopia $4.95
Falkland Islands $4.95
Fiji $4.95
Finland $4.95
French Guiana $4.95
France $4.95
Gabon $4.95
Gambia $4.95
Georgia $4.95
Germany $4.95
Ghana $4.95
Greece $4.95
Guatemala $4.95
Guinea $4.95
Guinea Bissau $4.95
Guyana $4.95
Haiti $4.95
Honduras $4.95
Hungary $4.95
Iceland $4.95
India $4.95
Indonesia $4.95
Iran $4.95
Iraq $4.95
Ireland $4.95
Israel $4.95
Italy $4.95
Ivory Coast $4.95
Jamaica $4.95
Japan $4.95
Jordan $4.95
Kazakhstan $4.95
Kyrgyzstan $4.95
Kenya $4.95
Kiribati $4.95
Kosovo $4.95
Kuwait $4.95
Laos $4.95
Latvia $4.95
Lebanon $4.95
Lesotho $4.95
Liberia $4.95
Libya $4.95
Liechtenstein $4.95
Lithuania $4.95
Luxembourg $4.95
Macedonia $4.95
Madagascar $4.95
Malaysia $4.95
Maldives $4.95
Mali $4.95
Malta $4.95
Marshall Islands $4.95
Mauritania $4.95
Mauritius $4.95
Mayotte $4.95
Mexico $4.95
Moldova $4.95
Monaco $4.95
Mongolia $4.95
Montenegro $4.95
Morocco $4.95
Mozambique $4.95
Myanmar $4.95
Namibia $4.95
Naura $4.95
Nepal $4.95
Netherlands $4.95
New Zealand $4.95
Nicaragua $4.95
Niger $4.95
Nigeria $4.95
North Korea $4.95
Norway $4.95
Oman $4.95
Pakistan $4.95
Palau $4.95
Panama $4.95
Papau New Guinea $4.95
Paraguay $4.95
Peru $4.95
Philippines $4.95
Poland $4.95
Portugal $4.95
Qatar $4.95
Romania $4.95
Russia $4.95
Rwanda $4.95
Saint Kitts and Nevis $4.95
Saint Lucia $4.95
Saint Vincent $4.95
San Marino $4.95
Sao Tome & Principe $4.95
Saudi Arabia $4.95
Senegal $4.95
Serbia $4.95
Seychelles $4.95
Sierra Leone $4.95
Singapore $4.95
Slovakia $4.95
Slovenia $4.95
Solomon Islands $4.95
Somalia $4.95
South Africa $4.95
South Korea $4.95
Spain $4.95
Sri Lanka $4.95
Sudan $4.95
Suriname $4.95
Swaziland $4.95
Sweden $4.95
Switzerland $4.95
Syria $4.95
Tanzania $4.95
Thailand $4.95
Tonga $4.95
Togo $4.95
Tunisia $4.95
Turkmenistan $4.95
Turkey $4.95
Turks Caicos Islands $4.95
Tuvalu $4.95
Ukraine $4.95
United Arab Emirate $4.95
United Kingdom $4.95
United States $4.95
Uruguay $4.95
Uzbekistan $4.95
Vatican City $4.95
Venezuela $4.95
Vietnam $4.95
Yemen $4.95
Zambia $4.95
Zimbabwe $4.95

PLUS ALL 13 Canadian Province Study Pages (sample) $2.95 each


Timeline / Book of Centuries Notebooking System (details) $6.95

Scroll through to see more samples!

Ancient Times Complete Set $19.95 (details)
Ancient Americas History Notebooking Pages
Ancient China, Japan & India History Notebooking Pages
Ancient Egypt & Africa History Notebooking Pages
Ancient Greeks, Minoans, & Mycenaeans History Notebooking Pages
Ancient Mesopotamia Notebooking Pages
Ancient Romans, the Early Church, & other European Cultures Notebooking Pages

Scroll through to see more samples!

Middle Ages (details) (current topics) $9.95
Renaissance & Reformation (details) (current topics) $9.95
Modern Times (details) (current topics) (current CIVIL WAR topics) (current REVOL WAR topics) (current WWI topics) (current WWII topics) $9.95

Scroll through to see more samples!


Holiday Notebooking Pages
Various monthly holidays … Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more.


Latin & Greek Word Study Pages (details) $2.00


Literature Study (& Book Report) Notebooking Pages (details) $7.95


Anatomy Notebooking Pages (details) $7.95
Astronomy Notebooking Pages (details) $2.95
Basic Science & Experiment Notebooking Pages (details) $5.95

Scroll through to see more samples!

Nature Study Notebooking Pages (details) $10.95

Scroll through to see more samples!

All About Birds – Basic Study Notebooking Pages (details) $2.95
Amphibians Notebooking Pages (details) $4.95
Birds of the World Notebooking Pages (details) $4.95
Dinosaurs Notebooking Pages (details) $4.95
Fish Notebooking Pages (details) $4.95
Mammals Notebooking Pages (details) $4.95
Marine Invertebrates Notebooking Pages (details) $4.95
North American Birds Notebooking Pages (details) $8.95
Reptiles Notebooking Pages (details) $4.95
Tropical Birds Notebooking Pages (details) $4.95

Scroll through to see more samples!

Plants & Trees Basic Study Notebooking Pages (details) $5.95
Trees of North America Notebooking Pages (details) $5.95
Wildflowers, Weeds, & Garden Flowers Notebooking Pages (details) $12.95

Scroll through to see more samples!

  • New topical science pages being added … newest pages include Science Cover Pages, Periodic Table of Elements, Electrical Components, Magnetism, & Mitosis!
  • Scroll through to see more samples!

    For a limited time . . .
    FREE 12 months access to our exclusive notebooking & copywork web-app, The Notebooking Publisher™.

    Your LIFETIME membership purchase gives you 12 months FREE access to our exclusive notebooking and copywork web-application.

    The Notebooking Publisher™ is a web-based application designed to enable mom and students to customize and create their own notebooking (& copywork) pages.

    Great for your teens and high schoolers!

    Create Your Own, Customized Notebooking Pages
    You can add your own text, titles, narrations, stories, scanned artwork, photos, & clipart PLUS the provided embellishments to:

    • Customize 1000s of preloaded printable notebooking templates.
    • Create your own printable notebooking templates from scratch.
    • Save your templates to the web-app to use again and again for new projects.

    Create Your Own, Customized Copywork Pages

    • Do you struggle to put together cursive models of your children’s copywork? I do.
    • Do you resort to pre-packaged workbooks of copywork passages? I have.
    • Do you find your child needs a different width line as he matures? Of course.
    • Do you want to give your child the ability to create his own copywork pages? You bet!

    With our new print and cursive copywork fonts and copywork “add line” feature in The Notebooking Publisher™, you and/or your children can create customized copywork pages to go with whatever you are studying … quickly and easily!

    Save Your Work in Multiple Formats

    • Create printable PDF pages.
    • Create JPG images of your work to store/share in digital projects on your computer or via the internet.
    • Create notebooking and copywork templates you can save for use over and over again.

    Awesome Benefits of The Notebooking Publisher™ Web-app

    • Students can type their written work …great for high-schoolers!
    • Students are part of the design and layout process … digital creativity & experience.
    • Limitless notebooking options … create pages for ANY topic.
    • Eliminates the learning curve and huge cost of other desktop publishing software.
      The web-app is super simple to use and comes preloaded with 1000s of notebooking templates ready for customization. It does what you need it to do without creating more busywork.

    The Notebooking Publisher™ Web-App Demonstration

    Custom Copywork Demonstration

    Access to The Notebooking Publisher™ Web-app is for LIFETIME members ONLY.
    After your FREE 12 months access, you may renew access for just $2.49/month.


    LIFETIME Member Testimonials

    Read below to hear what our members had to say about their Notebooking Pages LIFETIME Memberships.

    “What an amazing resource NotebookingPages.com has been to us! We began with the free Bible pages to supplement our FIAR book studies. Now we use them along with Tapestry and our the timeline work.

    The History packages exceeded all my expectations! The Explorers pages were such a fun addition to our World History study and now the American Presidents have really brought all our work together in an impressive and fun notebook that we can show to friends and family to highlight what our students are discovering on our learning journey.

    The designs and quality are so impressive and effortless for me, the crazy busy mom, whether just using copywork pages or ongoing projects like our Nature Notebook and timeline. These products have saved me so much time and allowed us to really showcase all our homeschooling accomplishments in a fun, meaningful way for our family to tell a story about our adventures in learning. Thank you NotebookingPages.com!”

    Mischele Brisco in Kansas
    “Notebooking Pages is our go to site for all our Notebooking needs. My daughter especially loves The Notebooking Publisher. This site motivates her to want to create and learn. She is retaining more information than ever, and is even working above grade level. We discovered Notebooking within months of beginning our homeschool journey, I couldn’t imagine educating any other way. My daughter wouldn’t want to learn in any other way.

    Though my daughter has always been a good student, she wasn’t an independent thinker when it came to learning, unlike her older siblings. She just read what she was told, answered questions at the end of a chapter, and took a test. Then we began homeschooling in 6th grade, now approaching the end of 7th grade, my daughter actually makes out her own schedule of what she wants to read and Notebook on, she has taken initiative in her own education. She now has an interest in History, Classical Music, Art, Literature, and chooses topics most kids wouldn’t.

    Like you, I had preconceived notions of the “perfect” homeschool education. I spent a great deal of money our first year on material she never even used. Then when I discovered notebooking, we invested in paper, art supplies, a comb binder, laminator and a library card. She is a happier student, I am a happier mom.

    I think Notebooking should be an educational law. I apologize for my lengthy reply, but I have become not only passionate about Notebooking, but a huge advocate. Your site is easy to navigate, and offers a wide variety of subjects and topics. Though we follow a Charlotte Mason style curriculum, Notebooking truly will work with any style or methods of teaching.”

    Kimberly Hogan
    “What a blessing you are to so many homeschooling families! Notebooking is the answer to my prayers!

    It seemed like our homeschool was lacking something. The workbooks were dry & boring or repetitive. I discovered your site a year ago, purchased a year membership & we started our notebooking adventure! We have slowly integrated it into our homeschool day & now we are ready to start using it with all of our subjects. It was hard to tell myself to put those workbooks & other materials we purchased out of site & stick with the notebooking. I can see the difference in my kids, they like school, they want to do more!

    My children really enjoy being creative with their notebook pages. Notebooking is helping me to teach language arts to my children the natural way with out all the boring workbooks that sometimes bring tears. This method of homeschooling has inspired my children to learn, to explore, to be creative and to write!

    I am looking forward to all of the awesome notebooks they will create in the future! Purchasing a lifetime membership is one of the best investments we have made in our homeschool journey. Debra, thank you for all the love & time you put into this site to help the rest of us enjoy our homeschool journey!”

    Jenny K.
    “I recently bought a membership to NotebookingPages.com, and the way I homeschool has changed for the BEST! I am a four year homeschool mom who struggled trying to find a way to make learning come alive for my children (ages 4, 14, 17, 18). They are enjoying putting together notebooks. It allows for their creativity to flow and they can write down what they find interesting about a subject instead of someone forcing an interest on them. They also get to draw if they want or find pictures to place in the notebook. A lot of kids love to doodle! NotebookingPages.com saves me time by providing such nice pages. Notebooking has been such a success for our homeschool!”

    Susan in Ohio
    “I cannot even begin to say how much NotebookingPages.com has changed my life! Sound melodramatic? Perhaps, if anything, it is an understatement! After homeschooling our 2 older children through middle and high school and then starting from the beginning with the three younger ones (9, 6, 3) I was feeling overwhelmed and stagnant. I saw my children getting bored and frankly, so was I. How was I going to keep this up? I began praying for God to inspire me with a way to teach my children that would bring fun back into learning and would, at the same time, give me confidence that they were learning what they needed to. It was within a week that I stumbled upon (through God’s grace and love for his struggling children like me) Debra’s website. Of course, I did my own homework and looked into several other sites offering similar services, but NONE of them offered what Debra does; and to be honest, I don’t know HOW she manages to do it! If I tried to make my own templates I’d be so frustrated! (and I have tried in the past)

    NotebookingPages.com allows me to have access to everything I need for school and print it off quickly without feeling like I wasted my time at my computer…time that could be spent delving into books with my children and having fun. I LOVE the publisher feature that will allow my children freedom to create their own unique pages as they get older.

    I have to be honest, when we first started Notebooking it was intimidating and scary for me…I wanted to DO it RIGHT…but that’s the magic in this kind of learning: there is no RIGHT way! I just think of it now like a journal of all the things we like to talk about. Pictures, drawing, writing, etc…my children LOVE looking through their notebooks frequently and I LOVE to see concrete evidence that they are learning. THANK YOU, THANK YOU Debra Reed for all your hard work (so we don’t have to!) and your excellent product!”

    Rene Gilbertson
    “Last year I hit the wall in my homeschool journey. My children were frustrated and so was I. We were not having the educational experience any of us wanted. I shelved everything for a month and went back to the drawing board. I am incredibly grateful to have found NotebookingPages.com while slogging through the difficult ordeal of revamping our homeschool. I looked through the entire site. I watched the intro video. (I suggest everyone else do the same!) I signed up for the Freebies account, because while it all looked very promising, I didn’t want to spend the money until I’d tried this “notebooking thing.” Boy was I glad I did! I started a study of Chopin and Elephants with my children. They loved it! They loved the “neat pages” to write and draw on. My son who I couldn’t get to write three consecutive sentences, suddenly wanted to write everything he’d learned about elephants. They love using the notebooks I learned to make from the terrific “how to” articles that Debra has written. Suddenly, learning was enjoyable again. I have only one regret when it comes to notebooking, I wish I had known about NotebookingPages.com sooner. I didn’t try notebooking earlier because it always sounded confusing and difficult. Debra and her wonderful site eliminated that concern. I’m thrilled to have access to pages on every subject I could possibly imagine. Thank you for this wonderful site. It is more than worth the price of subscription!”

    Rache’l C.
    “Thank you for Lifetime Membership offer it is very affordable. Our son had a stroke, causing long and short term memory. Notebooking is great for him ,they aid with recall, memory and he really enjoys them. They are easy to adapt to his level yet are still challenging enough for him. Education has not been easy but with the help of your site he is interested, and it frees up a lot of my time. Again, thank you and God bless.”

    Michelle Ice
    “I have loved having access to all of your notebooking pages as a Lifetime Member. Paying for access to that was really a no-brainer for me. What a blessing it is to have all of these resources at my fingertips to print whenever I need….versus spending hours attempting to either create what I need or search for it on the internet. Your hard work has paid off to serve at least one family (although I know there are many more than just us!). THANK YOU doesn’t seem like an adequate way to express our gratitude!”

    Angie in Minnesota
    “The notebooking journey has awakened something fresh and exciting in our school time. I was struggling to “organize” what the kids were learning in history and science and truthfully, just wanted to inject some FUN into those two subjects with minimal prep time.

    I have found the templates from the Lifetime Membership collection to be outstanding help for each my 7 students–from my really creative children to my reluctant writers–and well worth the money we invested in it.

    My children are pleased to see their history and science notebooks taking shape. With Notebooking Pages by their sides, they have created something to be really proud of!”

    Kristen Fagala in Texas
    “I have 4 kids 8,8,4 & 3. When we started homeschooling 2 years ago I was so overwhelmed, trying to figure out how to make sure they retained what we learned. When I found https://notebookingpages.com I was so thrilled to find a way to make sure they were retaining information, practicing their writing skills, improving their handwriting, all while having a good time. This was the answer! As I started notebooking I learning that even beyond being great for my 8 year olds, the little ones (4 &3) enjoying coloring, drawing and beginning their writing skills on the notebook pages as well! Now it’s a full family activity, and I am able to give each child a page that is at their level in the same subject! A total homeschool homerun!”

    Jen Sullivan
    “The possibilities are endless. When I purchased my membership last year I was at the end of my rope. I was burnt out with homeschool. The kids were burnt out with the daily hassle of worksheets. Then I found Notebooking Pages and I was hooked. We are using them with our current studies with Classical Conversations. We love this product. This saved my sanity in homeschooling my children. And now with the notebooking publisher, my girls and I are going to have a blast creating pages to go in our notebooks. And after watching the videos on the Book of Centuries and trying the template, I am super excited for this school year.”

    Dawn Kilgore
    “We first began using these materials last year, as we notebooked our way through the Old Testament. My children absolutely LOVE their notebooks. They are so proud of what they’ve produced and take pride in their work. I have 6 kids and we are homeschooling all of them. Many curriculum’s have add-on worksheet sets to purchase – but none are as high quality as those on NotebookingPages.com. For a lifetime membership I will have materials ready to go FOR.THE.REST.OF.OUR.HOMESCHOOLING.YEARS!!!! X 6 KIDS!!!!

    I love the materials. I love that we will have lasting evidence of what they’ve learned. I already love the idea that someday I will be able to show my GRANDCHILDREN what their parents accomplished in school.”

    Caryn Block
    “I initially signed up for the freebies to “test the waters” of notebooking. Wow! It has transformed our days!! My kiddos are excited to write (what?!) and seem to really be retaining what they are learning. They are so enthusiastic about their work and to top it off they can’t wait until the end of the day to share with daddy what they have learning! I’m sold! We are now Lifetime Members! Thank You Debra!!”


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