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"After 6 years of homeschooling, I knew I wasn’t giving my kids the 'best of the best'. I didn’t want them to turn out like me, a great student who 20 years later, with high school & college diplomas in hand, doesn’t remember much of anything taught.

When we notebook our studies, quite frankly, the knowledge STICKS. Lightbulbs click and eyes shine! We have a growing treasury of their homeschooling journey."

Debra Reed
- Publisher,
- Mom of 10 ... ages young to adult

Notebooking Q.&.A

What is notebooking?

Notebooking is creating and compiling a personalized notebook of learning experiences, new knowledge, insights, sketches, illustrations, creative writing, reflections, and more.

This is not a diary, but more like a scrapbook of things learned.

Instead of filling in the blanks of a worksheet to test what your child has learned (or more so, NOT learned), he notebooks to show and tell what he has learned.

His notebooks capture the knowledge he has learned with his own words, images, and personality.

Time for Notebooking!

What will notebooking do for my child?

  • Give him the freedom to study topics more deeply and intently based on what interests him.
  • Remove the confines of a curriculum’s scope and sequence.
  • Discipline your child to soak up important and interesting information as he studies.
  • Capture the knowledge as well as his personal reflections of what he studied.
  • Relieve the pressure of studying and memorizing arbitrary facts for short term testing.
  • Unlock a love for learning as he makes his own connections and finds purpose in what he studies.

Unlike many other learning activities, your child will not soon forget what he has notebooked. In addition, he has a personalized notebook to remind him if he does need to jog his memory!

He will own the knowledge and effectively express it to others.

He becomes a storyteller, a teacher, even an expert after such meaningful time spent with his studies.

Through this journey, your child will use and develop a variety of skills – listening, narration, organization, art, and of course writing skills.

He will continue to grow in his ability to . . .

  • extract important information
  • synthesize information with his own opinions and former research
  • organize what he’s learned and teach it back through both written and visual media.

Notebooking develops PRICELESS skills in your children.

How much more time will this add to our day?
We are already SO busy!

Notebooking DOES NOT ADD to your day.

Notebooking REPLACES THE BUSYWORK that’s NOT working for you!

In our membership area, we have a detailed step-by-step EasyStart Guide to gently lead you through this transition.

For now, here’s the basic flow:

  • Cut out the busywork.
    Remove anything that doesn’t promote purposeful, evaluative, reflective, decisive learning.
  • Read books that engage your child’s curiosity.
  • Orally narrate the topic studied or observed.
  • Time for notebooking!
    Set your child loose with his notebook to write, draw, and create a record of what HE learned.
Time for Notebooking!

Notebooking Before & After

"I don't remember what I learned."

"Let me SHOW YOU what I learned."

PLUS, it takes less time and makes a longer lasting impression than your current busywork!

What if my child HATES writing?

Notebooking can be a lifesaver for the child that hates to write (or is reluctant to write). Let him choose a topic he loves and send him off to the library to search for books on this topic.

  • For one of my sons, it was DINOSAURS.
  • For one of my daughters, it was FROGS.
  • For an older child, it may be a hobby, a favorite literature series, or a particular event in history.

Often times, just skimming through our topical notebooking pages provides a good place to start!

After he spends some time in his books, ask him to tell you about what he learned. If this is truly his passion, then he will likely have lots to tell you! After this time of oral narration, set him down to write (&/or draw) about he learned.

  • What did he find most fascinating?
  • What new things did he learn?

If he needs some help framing out these ideas, GREAT!

Little by little, we build from one sentence to two, from two sentences to a paragraph, from one paragraph to several, and so on.

One day at a time, one page at a time, he builds this first notebook. He creates a cover page for the notebook. He begins adding other interesting tidbits … maybe a list of interesting facts and figures, a poem or song about his topic, a quote from a famous person, maps, a timeline… anything related to his topic.

His notebook takes shape and he takes pride in his work.

Soon, his confidence in writing builds and writing is no longer something he “hates”.

Notebooking is not limited to a curriculum plan or scope & sequence.
Your child’s interests can provide the content.
Notebooking will provide a natural and un-intimidating way for him to develop research, organization, and writing skills.

What about my HIGH SCHOOL children?


Notebooking is AWESOME for high schoolers!

Notebooking builds deeper levels of thinking in your child. Why would we want to hang this up at the high school level? This is where years of preparation begin to really pay off!

Remember there are no rules here.

You want to use textbooks?
No problem.

You want to take tests?
No problem.

I know the pressure you are under to dot your i’s and cross your t’s with your high school children.

Let’s not compromise a meaningful education
for a well filled out transcript!

Our end game is not a high school diploma.
Our goal is to develop mature, independent life-long learners.

Feeling the pressure to complete those end-of-the-chapter reviews and tests with textbooks?

We did too. Here’s what happened. Without notebooking, my kids actually did very well on the reviews/tests. However, when I quizzed them again a week or two after their test, they had forgotten most of what they "learned".

This was all the proof I needed to keep notebooking through high school. So it was back to notebooking … and yes, even with textbooks! They notebook the chapters (skipping worksheets and any busywork assignments). At the end of the chapter, they take the test for our high school records. HUGE improvement, PLUS they now have an awesome reference notebook.

Notebooking is not limited to writing summaries or narratives . . .
In the younger years, most of the writing is in narrative form. However, in high school, we include essays, research reports, literature analyses, persuasive writing pieces, and more.

Not everything they add to the notebook has to be a formal writing assignment either. Use the notebook as a way to organize notes, collect research, build a portfolio, journal, sketch, brainstorm, mindmap, etc.

Notebooking in high school provides a great way to not only document learning, but also to make learning count. With the addition of our Notebooking Publisher web-app (details below), older kids are no longer limited to pencil/paper, but can now do notebooking by computer as well!

Tired of serving up BUSYWORK?

You WANT and NEED a better education for your kids.

You need tools and a solution that . . .

  • are EASY to execute.
  • FLEX with real life.
  • provide VARIETY for your whole family.

Sound like a request for the perfect meal plan?

WITHOUT the right tools,
busywork becomes your GO TO convenience food!

Introducing ...
Notebooking Pages
LIFETIME Membership Program

1000s of topical pages, themes, and designs
Perfect for any subject or study A to Z!

Art Study * Bible * Copywork * Character Study * Famous Men & Women * Geography & Maps * History of the Ancient World, Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation, and Modern Times * Holidays * Literature Study * Music Study * Nature Study * Science * Timelines * Word Study * and more!

Membership Features & Benefits

  • Pay once and you are paid for LIFE.
    Once you pay for your membership, there are NO MORE membership fees.  This is not a subscription plan.  We do offer an installment option if you're not ready to pay in full today, but once your payments are complete, never pay again!
  • Quick and easy. Download and print.
    1000s of topical and designed pages are download-ready. Quickly print what you need, when you need it.
  • Variety of topics, designs, & layouts.
    The diversity of our collection makes notebooking easy to implement with ALL children K-12.
    Each notebooking set includes a wide variety of layouts, frames, and lines.
    Most sets have 3-10 layout choices per individual topic or theme.
  • Regular & Dotted Line Formats
    Most sets come with both regular and dotted-line formats to accommodate your child’s penmanship needs.
  • K-12 Friendly
    Our notebooking pages have a child-friendly, but elegant look. They will work for the very young & teens.
  • Great for a sPeCtRuM of AbIlItIeS
    I have 10 children with a myriad of biological backgrounds, traits, learning strengths and weaknesses. I can say, from my personal experience, our pages work for a WIDE variety of children.
  • For Family & Classroom Use
    You are welcome to print any and all pages as often as you like for your family or classroom.
  • What our pages are NOT.
    Our pages are NOT designed with cutesy, trendy, or distracting graphics and layouts.
    Your children will NOT outgrow our selection of notebooking pages.
    Our pages are NOT worksheets being sold under the guise of notebooking pages (a new and growing trend).
  • Open-ended notebooking pages.
    Our open-ended notebooking pages promote child-led organization, creativity, and deeper levels of thinking.

With our notebooking pages, your child’s work will shine and take center stage.

The lifetime membership
makes notebooking:


Your Membership includes . . .

  • ALL of our CURRENT notebooking products
    See full list and samples of current titles below.
  • ALL of our FUTURE notebooking products
    It’s an ever-increasing treasury of notebooking pages. I started creating these pages for my kids in 2006 and still have over a decade of teaching left to do . . . LOTS more to add as we continue to explore new topics. This LIFETIME membership will benefit your children AND your grandchildren.
  • Search Bar & Table of Contents
    Our product search bar and table of contents make planning and finding the pages you need quick and easy.
  • Tutorials, Tips, Videos
    LIFETIME Members have access to ALL of our notebooking and homeschooling tutorials, tips, and videos.
  • Unlimited LIFETIME access
    There’s no hurry to download/print everything because you never lose access.
    And you never have to pay again!

Membership Questions & Concerns

Can’t I make my own notebooking pages? (click to read answer)

I’ve put my kids through so many changes already … what if it doesn’t work out?

(click to read answer)

I don’t have time to try something new.

(click to read answer)

I’ve already invested so much money... I can’t afford to waste anymore.

(click to read answer)

Your Notebooking Pages
LIFETIME Membership
includes ALL of these products...

3D Notebooking System

A-Z Notebooking Pages

Basic Lined Notebooking Pages

Bible Notebooking Pages

Character Study Notebooking Pages

Copywork Notebooking Pages

Famous People Notebooking Pages

  • Missionaries
  • Scientists

Geography: World Country & Province Study Pages

  • Country Study Pages ... almost 200 countries! (Samples/Info)

Geography: USA Study Pages

  • USA: Individual State Study Pages ... all 50 states! (Samples/Info)
  • USA: United States Study Pages (Similar to State Study Pages)
  • USA: Washington, D.C. Study Pages (Similar to State Study Pages)

Geography: Map Notebooking Pages

  • Country Maps (Included in Country Study Sets)
  • USA State Maps (Included in State Study Sets)

History & Timeline Pages

  • Book of Centuries / Timeline Notebooking System (Samples/Info)

Holiday Pages

Latin & Greek


Nature Study

Nature Study: Animals

Nature Study: Plants


Your LIFETIME Membership includes ALL of the above products
PLUS all FUTURE products!

Bonus Offer ...
The Notebooking Pages

For a limited time, LIFETIME members receive:
12 months FREE access to our exclusive notebooking & copywork web-app, The Notebooking Publisher.

Great for your teens and high schoolers!

Notebooking Web-App: Features & Benefits

Create customized NOTEBOOKING pages (click for details)

Create customized COPYWORK pages (click for details)

SAVE your work in multiple formats (click for details)

Other AWESOME benefits of the web-app ...

  • Students can type their written work … great for high-schoolers!
  • Students are part of the design and layout process … digital creativity & experience.
  • Limitless notebooking options … create pages for ANY topic.
  • Eliminates the learning curve and expense of other desktop publishing software.
  • The web-app is super simple to use and comes pre-loaded with 1000s of notebooking templates ready for customization. It does what you need it to do without creating more busywork.

Watch the demonstration videos below!

Web-App Demo
(Part 1)

Web-App Demo
(Part 2)

Web-App Demo

Purchase your LIFETIME membership today
and receive 12 free months access to The Notebooking Publisher web-app.


Read what members say about their Notebooking Pages LIFETIME Memberships.

I have 4 kids 8,8,4 & 3. When we started homeschooling 2 years ago I was so overwhelmed, trying to figure out how to make sure they retained what we learned. When I found I was so thrilled to find a way to make sure they were retaining information, practicing their writing skills, improving their handwriting, all while having a good time. This was the answer! As I started notebooking I learning that even beyond being great for my 8 year olds, the little ones (4 &3) enjoying coloring, drawing and beginning their writing skills on the notebook pages as well! Now it’s a full family activity, and I am able to give each child a page that is at their level in the same subject! A total homeschool homerun!

Jen Sullivan

I just purchased the [LIFETIME] Membership for my three children, in 1st, 2nd and 4th grades. My 2nd grader recently asked me what I knew about volcanoes (not as much as I'd like to admit) so we gathered several books and printed off many styles of notebooking pages from the Nature Study section. They had a great time, and already have a list of the next topics of study that they each want to do. Normally we would check out a book about volcanoes at the library and that would be that. This way, they practiced penmanship, learned vocabulary words, and have many illustrated pages that they have continued to add to. We all had fun and learned a lot. Thanks!

Amy in Maryland

Thank you Debra for putting together the papers I’ve always wanted! And for continuing to add more great pages every year! It’s so comforting knowing that I have a lifetime membership and I don’t have to worry about the computer crashing, misplacing the floppy or disk drive, and losing the original, because It has happened more than once!! Years ago when I was only homeschooling two, it was no problem staying creative and organized. After the fifth child, who happens to have major medical issues, and becoming primary caregiver to my parents who suddenly acquired major medical problems within a 6 week period, I just don’t have time for creative and organized. With, I don’t have to choose! I can be creative and organized because you do it for me! <3 <3 <3


This has literally been one of my top homeschooling purchases. They are so versatile, easy to use and I am never lacking for pages. I have not once gone looking for a topic for my kids to notebook and not found it here. Thanks so much for the oodles and oodles of pages~
One happy Mama =0)


I love, love, love using the pre-formatted notebooking pages! As a member it is very convenient to come to the download center to pick the pages I need without having to store everything on my computer or use a CD. The download center is logically organized which makes finding what you need a breeze. I haven’t had the need to use the publisher yet, but plan on using it this year for history and copywork. I did try the publisher when it was first introduced and found it easy to use, I love the fact that you can make custom pages with ease. If you have ever tried to make notebook pages with Word, you know how much hard, head-scratching work it is, the Publisher is much easier and less frustrating than anything I have ever tried to create on my own.


I have 2 very intelligent young grandchildren ages 7 and 10. I help my daughter with their homeschooling on Saturdays when they come to our home for work in lapbooks and notebooks of special subjects.

They have asked that we work on notebooks because of all the great pages I give them to take home and work on during the week.

I have the dubious (according to my daughter) title of teaching the fun stuff while their mom has to teach them the boring stuff.

I have started giving my daughter pages for the children so that they can say Mom gives them fun stuff also.

I am so thankful for my membership. I have found so many great items to download and print out for the kids. My older children are a bit jealous. I taught in the dark ages of homeschooling (according to them). We did not have computers, the internet, homeschool groups, curriculum fairs or all the curriculum that is out there now.

Thank you so much for all you do for the homeschooling community.

Jackie Schlageter in New Mexico

Your lifetime membership has been such a blessing to our homeschool and at such an affordable price! I cannot tell you how much time I have saved with your ready-made notebooking pages. We started using notebooking only for our history but with all of your choices, we have expanded notebooking to science and more! Thank you for all that you do to make homeschool planning easier.


This is an incredible resource! We’ve moved towards notebooking step by step... started very hands-ons, which easily moved into lapbooking. But with time and age, I started moving the lapbooking into notebooking. And then the foldables often turned into drawings. We still do a bit of all of it, but I like being able to put it all into one notebook... and the kids LOVE to see their work bound at the end of the year. I’ve been creating all the pages myself (the midnight to three a.m. shift!). I am SO GLAD to find all of this available and ready to go... Even more, this allows us the creativity of creating our own pages, without having to start from scratch. I love having less work on my hands, but I wasn’t willing to give up the creativity and originality of the kids. This allows me to have both. Thank you so much!

Jonna Ledyaev

Being a Lifetime Member means never having to renew. It is always there for me. I can print out what I need when I want it and it’s already paid for! This is such a great idea Debra has worked so diligently on over the past years.

Amy H

We first began using these materials last year, as we notebooked our way through the Old Testament. My children absolutely LOVE their notebooks. They are so proud of what they’ve produced and take pride in their work. I have 6 kids and we are homeschooling all of them. Many curriculum’s have add-on worksheet sets to purchase – but none are as high quality as those on For a lifetime membership I will have materials ready to go FOR.THE.REST.OF.OUR.HOMESCHOOLING.YEARS!!!! X 6 KIDS!!!!

I love the materials. I love that we will have lasting evidence of what they’ve learned. I already love the idea that someday I will be able to show my GRANDCHILDREN what their parents accomplished in school.

Caryn Block

Debra has notebooking pages for just about any subject, and they are beautiful! And with the Notebooking Publisher, children can type their pages, learn desktop publishing skills, or design their own templates. This was an absolutely innovative idea that has unlimited potential.

September West

I was thrilled to find Notebooking Pages. I had been searching for different ideas to use with my daughter that are more creative. This site has given me so many options. It has also enabled me to have more fun time with her and her brothers and not be so stressed over planning. As a lifetime member I love the fact that future updates are included with no additional charge. I am getting ready to start the Colonial times with her and focus on the Revolutionary War so that she can understand why we have the freedoms we do today and why it is important to ensure that her children have them as well.


I now have a LIFETIME membership. Your pages are very worth while as they are comprehensive, and make it easy to find what I need. If you don't have something for a specific topic, no problem. Your basic pages pack has something that will fit right in. I think just your collection of basic pages have been used enough times to make it worth what I paid.

We have really enjoyed notebooking in our homeschool and truly appreciate all the information that you have about it. We've now managed to work it smoothly into our days. Often times when teaching it is (obviously) not just enough to spout off facts and expect the kids to remember it. With the notebooking pages I don't have to spend lots of time looking for comprehension activities...just print out a notebooking page and set the kids to work! I only wish I could have done notebooks as a kid.

Annie in Wisconsin

Last year I hit the wall in my homeschool journey. My children were frustrated and so was I. We were not having the educational experience any of us wanted. I shelved everything for a month and went back to the drawing board. I am incredibly grateful to have found while slogging through the difficult ordeal of revamping our homeschool. I looked through the entire site. I watched the intro video. (I suggest everyone else do the same!) I signed up for the Freebies account, because while it all looked very promising, I didn’t want to spend the money until I’d tried this “notebooking thing.” Boy was I glad I did! I started a study of Chopin and Elephants with my children. They loved it! They loved the “neat pages” to write and draw on. My son who I couldn’t get to write three consecutive sentences, suddenly wanted to write everything he’d learned about elephants. They love using the notebooks I learned to make from the terrific “how to” articles that Debra has written. Suddenly, learning was enjoyable again. I have only one regret when it comes to notebooking, I wish I had known about sooner. I didn’t try notebooking earlier because it always sounded confusing and difficult. Debra and her wonderful site eliminated that concern. I’m thrilled to have access to pages on every subject I could possibly imagine. Thank you for this wonderful site. It is more than worth the price of membership!

Rache'l C.

My Husband got me the Notebooking Pages [LIFETIME Membership] for Christmas. I love it.

I was spending hours looking for pages on the internet or trying to make my own. Now I can just click on the page that the children like press print and it is ready to go. I have been trying to do a time-line for the last couple of years. The Time line sheets are so easy to use, customize, and make the kids time-lines look great and Daddy can see what they are studying.

And the new pages that are released at least once a month are an added and wonderful bonus. This month the vehicles were perfect for what we were studying with my preschooler. Thank you so much for such a great site at such an affordable price.

LaZann in Utah

I recently just signed up for the lifetime membership after seeing so many wonderful templates to use for notebooking. I had planned on beginning homeschooling my oldest daughter next school term; however, my husband and I decided to pull her out earlier. I was ready for next school year as far as planning goes, but I really had to scramble to prepare the remaining of this year. Notebooking, interactive notebooks, and hand-made products are things I had planned on doing… I was going to make up most of these on my own, but then I found Notebooking Pages! It just made sense to me to use what was already out there and just create my own where needed. Anyway, we have already used the templates and the publisher (which is awesome) for a report on Jupiter. My daughter was so excited to do this project on her own!

Julie Smith

I love all the different pages that Debra has been providing for homeschool moms over the years. It’s really helped our History notebooks to be more of my kids creations and that we can keep as treasured keepsakes.


The LIFETIME Membership Program is such a blessing to our homeschool. I know that no matter what rabbit trail our studies lead us down, I can find the perfect notebooking page to enrich our learning. Just click and print! It's that easy! :O)


I love all of the notebook pages that are available through the LIFETIME Membership. This saves a lot of time in preparing notebook pages!

Lisa Martin

The kids and I have been using and greatly enjoying the entire set of notebooking pages for the last few months. We love them because it is so easy to find themed pages to go along with the books that we read. When my children were studying the different habitats, they were able to find appropriate pages to go along with each biome. The borders were another fun way to add beauty to their written narrations and pictures. We look forward to using many more themed pages from NotebookingPages!

Cynthia Casanova in CA

The notebooking pages are invaluable resources for our homeschool. I love that I can just search for what I need for what we’re studying and voila, there it is. Makes my life so easy. And I love that my kids much rather think than fill in mindless worksheets.

Jennifer Lambert

I love We started out using the ABC books and have moved up as my children get older. We now use the history pages with our Story of the World studies. We use the science sheets to keep up with experiments with Apologia. One of the things I like most about the pages is that you can use them in so many ways and with so many programs! I love too that I can hope on and print out EXACTLY what I need…like the president pages that we used to study through all the presidents! Recently Debra added a program to write your own copywork sheets in CURSIVE!!! No more buying copybooks that “aren’t quite right!” Now I can make my own and have exactly what we need (with pictures too!!) I cannot wait to get started. We benefit in some many ways from these pages and I appreciate NOT having to do the work! :)

Leesa C.

I recently bought a membership to, and the way I homeschool has changed for the BEST! I am a four year homeschool mom who struggled trying to find a way to make learning come alive for my children (ages 4, 14, 17, 18). They are enjoying putting together notebooks. It allows for their creativity to flow and they can write down what they find interesting about a subject instead of someone forcing an interest on them. They also get to draw if they want or find pictures to place in the notebook. A lot of kids love to doodle! saves me time by providing such nice pages. Notebooking has been such a success for our homeschool!

Susan in Ohio

We have been members for a couple of years now. I home educate 5 of my 7 children and the oldest 3 especially LOVE using the pages. My eldest daughter who is 12 and becoming more independent in her studies has used many for her self research on birds and horses. It makes my work SO much easier.
Thank you so much.


After looking at the idea of notebooking for the last two years...we are DOING IT this year! I have looked at your site off and on as well as many others and even contemplated making my own pages for a million different topics but the realization that I came to every time was that the page I would create would be JUST LIKE what I see on your site! The details, the space to write, the different formats for different ages, the massive number of subject areas...the reasons are absolutely endless that I finally committed and bought my Lifetime membership to start using! We are so tired of bookwork alone and this has led all of us to just dread school time and the threats of them having to get on that big yellow bus at the crack of dawn have been flowing more and more freely in our home! With 5 kids...4 of which will be school age this fall I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to introduce this into our schooldays! We can do so much more together and tie in everything I have always wanted to with Music, Science, and History! I am so excited for our new year again and I wanted to tell you thank you so much for allowing me the freedom of not recreating the wheel!!! Anyone on the fence, don’t wait as long as I did! Jump on feels great!!!


This is the most amazing deal for a plethora of notebooking pages. We especially love the geography pages as it covers a wealth of information from many countries across the globe. It also has a focus on not just the American States but the Canadian Provinces too!
We are starting nature studies and had intended to just “wing it” but I am stoked to be able to use the thoughtfully put together pages in animals, trees, flowers and more.
Debra has saved me painstaking hours, weeks? Months even! Assembling all these notebooking pages. All I have to do is click and print!


I purchased my membership in August 2012, and it has been one of the most valuable homeschooling investments I have made. We use Apologia science and have been using for the notebooking assignments instead of purchasing their preprinted books. My boys really enjoy using the Notebooking Publisher to make their own pages. I’m really excited about all the new features that are being added!


I purchased the LIFETIME Membership of Notebooking pages last spring. It was my first purchase from NotebookingPages and I never buy things on impulse like this. I knew as soon as I saw the samples that I wanted this.

We have used many of the Alphabet pages, and we also use the Nature Study pages. This month we are starting a study on ancient civilizations and I am just LOVING the notebooking pages. The pictures are great, very detailed and realistic and they are perfect for my little ones. I was worried that we would not be able to use a lot of these pages until they got older (they are in first grade and kindergarten) but we have already used a lot of them!

The Ancient Egypt pages we are using now are just beautiful, and my children actually enjoy writing when they use them. I even use the copywork pages for handwriting and spelling practice. It is much more fun to do their work on pretty pages!

It is even neater now that you have made this a lifetime membership, and I always look forward to the updates. I can't wait to use the A-Z Animals pages, I know my kiddos will go crazy for them!

Thank you SO much for all of your hard work. I recommend your pages to everyone I know who is homeschooling.

Michelle Snyder in Colorado

My children do not really like to write, but they are a little less reluctant with the beautifully decorated pages. I also really appreciate the selection of pages for history. It seems every topic we need is included.

I also appreciate the selection of design styles. As I have one child who likes to illustrate her writings I can choose a page or two which have an area for her to draw on along with her writing. Then for my son I can chose a different design as he doesn’t care to draw.

The state pages are great as well. They cover just about every important fact about each state.


We have used for several years now and recently became LIFETIME Members. The resources Debra offers on this site have become a staple during our homeschooling year. We have used these pages for Bible word studies, history, science, geography, book reports and even to create our own state history notebook. The kids love using the Notebooking Publisher web-app to create their customized pages, finding just the right clip art or photo to help tell their story. Looking back over the years, Debra has provided our homeschool with the perfect balance of inspiration, organization and enough freedom to get really creative! Don’t know what we would do without!!

Stephanie Nickerson

I want to share how liberated I felt when I discovered NotebookingPages. I had spent countless attempts at trying to make my own *creative* pages, with lines and pictures etc not knowing that there was the best website in the world for all the *creative* pages I needed. Realising now that there was such a thing as *Notebooking* I bought a couple of products from Debra and then decided to take the plunge and buy a LIFETIME membership. It's the best homeschool decision I have ever made. My boring lessons have been made exciting by all the wonderful pages that our thoughts, ideas and lessons can be printed and written on. Do I have any particular favourites? I must confess that I really cannot decide. They are all so great and worthy of top place. Thank you Debra..... with all my heart~

Sandra Reade in New Zealand

I’ve used resources from since our first year of homeschooling. The basic lined pages have always been a staple in our days! With our lifetime membership I’m really looking forward to using the publisher in the coming school year. With 5 children at different levels of schooling I’m excited to be able to customize pages to their skill level withOUT having to re-invent the wheel, or page as it may be. ;) With this coming year being the first that we are foregoing a ‘boxed’ curriculum, I have faith that with the wealth of subject pages available here that I will not be starting from scratch on my own and I’m easily finding what I need to construct our units.

Lisa @CreativLEI

The notebooking journey has awakened something fresh and exciting in our school time. I was struggling to "organize" what the kids were learning in history and science and truthfully, just wanted to inject some FUN into those two subjects with minimal prep time.

I have found the templates from the [LIFETIME] Membership collection to be outstanding help for each my 7 students--from my really creative children to my reluctant writers--and well worth the money we invested in it.

My children are pleased to see their history and science notebooks taking shape. With Notebooking Pages by their sides, they have created something to be really proud of!

Kristen Fagala in Texas

I am a former public school teacher of 13 years. When I began homeschooling my children 2 years ago, I desperately wanted to find something that could help me create the kind of notebooks and folder books that I used with my public school children. I didn’t have to look far. When I found NotebookingPages, I knew that it would be a perfect fit for our family! My children and I have absolutely loved using all aspects of the program. Their notebooks and folder books are filled with interesting and detailed information that they are proud to show to others and want to keep for future reference. I highly recommend it for all homeschoolers because it can be used for so many different subjects and presentation formats. I am very excited about being able to save information in the new teacher and student accounts (web-app feature)! This takes NotebookingPages to a whole new level!!


This has been a membership all of us have enjoyed. It is useful for all ages, and each student has everyday favorites not to mention the specialized pages for particular projects.. The pages are attractive to use and provide simplicity of design that doesn’t distract, but also there is variety and options to provide a springboard for creativity. I so appreciate that the number of pages keeps growing; I look forward to reading about the new updates. Also customer service is great.


With 4 children in many different age ranges, I needed something that would be easy to access and put together without a lot of extra time spent creating something they could all use. Notebooking Pages has been just that! We read over the material and use the pages combined with some lapbook style ideas to create a wonderful learning experience that we will always remember. The Lifetime membership was well worth it!!

Janice Boisvert

I love the many options to choose from for our notebooking pages. We can choose pages based on our area of study or more generic pages that the kids can choose and use as they like.


I purchased the Ancients and Basic at the beginning of the school year and just recently purchased the LIFETIME Membership. I wrote a review on my blog that you can read, but we LOVE notebooking pages. My highly kinesthetic learner loves to go back and look at his pages and it's a great way to "show what you know" without have to give a test!

Chantelle Grubbs in Alabama

We bought the notebooking pages [membership] a couple of years ago and love the convenience of them. It seems no matter what we're studying, there is a notebooking page all ready to go and several to choose from. Love the ease of it all.

Thanks for all your hard work, I'll be using these for years to come.

Kim in Florida

I’m a homeschooling mom of 4 children who are various ages. One child has moderate/severe ADHD. We’ve tried various ways of learning and found that notebooking and lapbooking was the most successful and the best received. We’ve been using these wonderful notebooking pages for years! Each time we begin a new unit, I simply log in to print the needed pages and we are on our way to another great learning adventure. These pages have saved me so much time over the years and I am truly grateful for all of your efforts. I always recommend these pages to friends and family!


I am looking forward to our third year of using the pages from! My kids love setting up their new copywork notebook for the year, and finding history pages that go with our first reading assignments. I am homeschooling 9th, 5th, and 2nd grade, and I can always find something for each of them that makes it a little more fun to journal their learning- enjoying playing with the new publisher, too! Looking forward to the fun of creating our own pages this year! :)


The Lifetime Membership has been one of the best purchases we have made for our homeschool. The Notebooking Publisher has been especially helpful in igniting a new desire in my children to thoughtfully record what they have learned. It gives them such a feeling of accomplishment to be able to turn out a polished and engaging notebook page in just a few easy steps. As I have been preparing items to print for next year, I have been so pleased by all of the pre-made notebooking pages available in the Member Download section. I highly recommend investing in the Lifetime Membership!

J. Parham

I first learned about Notebooking at a homeschool convention last year. After the convention I started Googling Notebooking to find out how to get started. I came across this page (Notebooking Pages) and I’m so glad I found this valuable resource! I became a Lifetime Member and believe it has been a great investment. I began having my 8 year old son do Notebooking pages for History, copywork and some other misc character and missionary studies. Each week I look at what we will be reading in history as part of our Sonlight core, then I search for those topics on and print out pages to go with those subjects (which by the way, we have never searched for a topic and not found it here on this website — this resource has every topic imaginable!). My son also likes to do the 3D pages. When we finish this school year we will have a beautiful keepsake of all that he has learned this year. I am hoping to be able to buy one of those binding tools from Amazon to bind our notebooks together at the end of this year. Thank you so much for providing this great tool.

Heather Gebbia

With 4 children in many different age ranges, I needed something that would be easy to access and put together without a lot of extra time spent creating something they could all use. Notebooking Pages has been just that! We read over the material and use the pages combined with some lapbook style ideas to create a wonderful learning experience that we will always remember. The Lifetime membership was well worth it!!

Janice Boisvert

I purchased the LIFETIME Membership in November 2011 and have really enjoyed using it with my children. It’s nice to have both wide and standard ruled pages too, it works great with all my children!


I’ve used resources from since our first year of homeschooling. The basic lined pages have always been a staple in our days! With our lifetime membership I’m really looking forward to using the publisher in the coming school year. With 5 children at different levels of schooling I’m excited to be able to customize pages to their skill level withOUT having to re-invent the wheel, or page as it may be. ;) With this coming year being the first that we are foregoing a ‘boxed’ curriculum, I have faith that with the wealth of subject pages available here that I will not be starting from scratch on my own and I’m easily finding what I need to construct our units.

Lisa @CreativLEI

I initially signed up for the freebies to “test the waters” of notebooking. Wow! It has transformed our days!! My kiddos are excited to write (what?!) and seem to really be retaining what they are learning. They are so enthusiastic about their work and to top it off they can’t wait until the end of the day to share with daddy what they have learning! I’m sold! We are now Lifetime Members! Thank You Debra!!


The notebooking journey has awakened something fresh and exciting in our school time. I was struggling to "organize" what the kids were learning in history and science and truthfully, just wanted to inject some FUN into those two subjects with minimal prep time.

I have found the templates from the [LIFETIME] Membership collection to be outstanding help for each my 7 students--from my really creative children to my reluctant writers--and well worth the money we invested in it.

My children are pleased to see their history and science notebooks taking shape. With Notebooking Pages by their sides, they have created something to be really proud of!

Kristen Fagala in Texas

I really love I’m new to notebooking and this site has made my life so much easier. There are so many different categories and subjects covered, I’ll never have to go anywhere else to find what I need.

Danielle S.

I purchased my membership in August 2012, and it has been one of the most valuable homeschooling investments I have made. We use Apologia science and have been using for the notebooking assignments instead of purchasing their preprinted books. My boys really enjoy using the Notebooking Publisher to make their own pages. I’m really excited about all the new features that are being added!


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