Middle Ages Notebooking and Coloring Pages

Our growing e-collection of Middle Ages topical notebooking pages (for people, events, places, discoveries/inventions, etc.) are bordered with our themed Book of Centuries timeline/history borders and come in both primary and regular-lined styles. Each topic has 11-15+ layouts. The Middle Ages coloring pages are also bordered with our themed Book of Centuries timeline/history borders.

Each topical set comes with a variety of layouts using our basic 3D template pages. Use our 3D mini-books to add extra dimension to your pages!

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**PLEASE NOTE: This product is still “in-the-works”. Your purchase of this individual product entitles you to ALL future updates for this product.**

Current topics:

Abelard, Peter
Alfred the Great
Aquinas, Thomas
Attila the Hun
Bacon, Roger
Barbarossa, Frederick
Bards of Ireland
Battle of Hastings
Bede the Venerable
Bernard of Clairvaux
Black Death
Bruce, Robert
Byzantine Empire
Domesday Book
Edward I
Edward the Black Prince
Edward the Confessor
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Eric the Red
Francis of Assisi
Frederick II
Ghengis Khan
Gregory the Great
Harun al Rashid
Henry II
Henry IV
Henry IV Bolingbroke
House of Hapsburg
Hundred Years War
Hus, John
Ibn Battuta
Joan of Arc
John I
Justinian the Great
Khan, Kublai
King Arthur
Leif the Lucky
Louis IX
Magna Carta
Martel, Charles
Muhammad al-Idrisi
Omar Khayyam
Otto I
Pepin the Short
Peter the Hermit
Polo, Marco
Polo, Niccolo
Pope Alexander III
Pope Gregory VII
Richard II
Richard the Lionheart
St. Benedict
St. Dominic
Tell, William
Thomas A. Becket
Tower of London
von Winkelried, Arnold
Wallace, William
William the Conqueror
Wycliffe, John