Copywork Notebooking Pages – Musical Designs

This product is a part of our SIMPLY DESIGNED copywork series. Images for the sets are simple and similar throughout. We have found these to be a hit especially with our boys who sometimes find the more artsy pages to be a bit too much for their masculine personalities.

Like all of our copywork sets . . .
These copywork pages have been designed to be used in a variety of copywork settings. Whether you are using them for Bible passages, poetry, literature, quotes, or other types of selections, you should be able to find a page with the right amount of lines needed that will “showcase” your child’s copywork without the clutter of unused lines on the page.

Pages have been organized by “stanzas”. These stanzas include choices of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 lines as well as fully-lined pages. For each choice of numbered lines in a stanza, there are a variety of pages available starting with 2 stanzas per page. Also included are single stanzas for shorter selections. There are several of these stanzas organized on a page, each with their own title bar.

Included is a “Table of Contents” page where your child may record his copywork selections.

What we added to the SIMPLY DESIGNED series . . .
Each set contains two illustration pages for your child to create his own artwork to accompany his copywork.

A Great Idea!
We not only use these sets for copywork, but for general notebooking as well. The variety of lined stanza pages (or fully-lined pages) combined with the blank illustration pages are great for notebooking any of your child’s own writing. They are also great for notebooking a literature study.

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