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{Tutorial #3} Time for Notebooking!

Time for Notebooking!

Instead of filling in the blanks of a worksheet to test what your child has learned (or more so, NOT learned), you give him the opportunity to show and tell what he has learned and what interested him the most. This method requires more than memorizing a few facts in order to later pass a test. The pages he creates for his notebooks will capture the knowledge he has learned with his own words, images, and personality. His notebook will reveal to you what he thinks and feels and teach you the insights HE brings to the topics he studies.

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{Tutorial #2} The Glue that Makes it All Stick Together … Narrations

I am thrilled that you’re taking the time to research this amazing tool. I know how overwhelming it can be to even THINK about trying one more thing wondering if it’s going to work. Not everything works for everybody. I get that. However, with over nine years of notebooking under my belt (and fifteen years homeschooling in all), I can tell you that notebooking has been easy to implement and worth every bit of my time and effort. I pray you find the same is true for you and your family.

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{Tutorial #1} Changing Your Mindset: Busywork and Square Pegs

Do you (or those watching you) have preconceived ideas about what homeschooling is supposed to look like? Do you hold on to certain methods and curricula for fear that your children might miss something? Do you wish you had more meaningful learning experiences with your kids? I spent years wrestling with these questions. All the while I was searching, experimenting, and spending money that I thought hoped would fix the uneasiness that found its way into the heart of our homeschool.

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