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{Tutorial #1} Changing Your Mindset: Busywork and Square Pegs

Test Form Straight A

Do you (or those watching you) have preconceived ideas
about what homeschooling is supposed to look like?

Do you hold onto certain methods and curricula
for fear your children might miss something?

Do you wish you had more meaningful learning experiences with your kids?

I spent years wrestling with these questions. All the while I was searching, experimenting, and spending money that I thought hoped would fix the uneasiness that found its way into the heart of our homeschool.

What has NOT worked for our family?

  • We have tried a wide variety of curricula.
  • We have adopted multiple homeschool methods.
  • I’ve created umpteen different schedules that made everything fit nicely into an organized and colorful chart.

After six years of committed experimentation and lots of money spent, it wasn’t working!

What HAS worked for our family?

Two tools brought an end to homeschool experimentation, overwhelm, and busywork — narrations and notebooking.

  • Narrations and notebooking work with (or without) any curriculum.
  • Narrations and notebooking work with (or without) any method.
  • Narrations and notebooking FREE time in my schedule by ELIMINATING wasteful time spent on busywork.
  • Narrations and notebooking save us money year after year because we’re no longer curriculum swapping.
  • BEST OF ALL, narrations and notebooking breathed new life into our homeschool ending our overwhelm and burnout.


Boy bored with workbookHow do YOU get started on this path?

Before jumping into narrations and notebooking, we have some prep work to do.

#1 Identify Your Busywork

I got so caught up in the scope and sequence of a curriculum or the different facets of a homeschool method, that I filled the day with busywork.


Busywork is …
Busywork is any task that is not producing significant results.

Significant …
What makes a task significant? Significant tasks produce long-term results.

What was our busywork?

Most of our busywork could be summed up as the activities that produced a short-term result otherwise known as a grade. This short term result rarely lasted until dinner time. In response to dad’s question, “What did you learn today?”, he usually received blank stares. At the end of the year, these types of activities amounted to a pile of paperwork that either ended up in a tote (for proof that we actually were schooling in case someone asked) or in a trash can. Not long-term results. A paper trail at best.

What is your busywork?


#2 Identify Your Square Pegs

Busywork and Square PegsHave you ever forced your family through various activities for the sake of following a method, a lesson plan, or a scope and sequence … as if some curriculum/method police were going to visit your home and catch you not doing something the right way?

This is like trying to put a square peg into a round hole!

Just because something works great for another family or even whole community of homeschoolers, does NOT mean it’s a good fit for your UNIQUE family.

Trying to force your family to fit into a particular curriculum, learning style, or method leads to frustration, guilt, and burnout. Instead, you need to find what resonates or fits your family.

What square pegs are you trying to make fit your family?


#3 Make the Necessary Cuts

You have begun to identify your busywork and square pegs. Hopefully, you are going to be more purposeful about how you spend your homeschooling time. You are going to evaluate your tasks and activities by asking:

    Is this busywork?
    Is this a square peg that doesn’t “fit” my family?
Once, you’ve identified the busywork and square pegs, it is now time to CUT THEM from your day. For me, this meant taking certain resources and putting them under my bed. This was a nice way to mentally “ease into” (or perhaps out of) this change I wanted in our homeschool. I felt like I had a safety net in place just in case things didn’t work out. However, truth be told, I never went back to those resources.You only have so much time in the day. When you waste time on busywork, you cannot get it back. Over time, this will lead to burnout.

The path to burnout …

  • Busywork and square pegs = wasting time.
  • Wasting time = unreached goals, dreams, aspirations.
  • Unreached goals, dreams, aspirations = guilt.
  • Daily guilt = overwhelm.
  • Daily overwhelm = eventual BURNOUT.

Who wants burnout? Not me!

Frustrated girl


Some Final Thoughts…

Over the years, I have learned to ruthlessly cut busywork from our family’s life (not just homeschool). I have found busywork is a lot like household clutter. You’re constantly dusting it and moving it around until eventually you either store it, give it away, or throw it away. Some of it may look pretty sitting on a shelf (like a lot of our homeschool resources), but most of it just adds more work and frustration to our day with little to no long-term fulfillment.

Pick ONE subject and decide what part of that subject is busywork and let it go.
Does something need to go under the bed? Do it now.
In the next two tutorials, I will show you how to redeem the time normally lost to busywork.


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Please share your thoughts and comments in the box below!

  • What’s your busywork? Your square pegs? Your cause of burnout?
  • What subject and/or types of resources did you choose for this assignment?
    (Please no specific names of curricula.)
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karen buckwalter - April 24, 2015

Homeschool Mom of 3 – out of medical necessity. One graduating this year, a sophomore and an 8th grader. Constantly feeling I can do better. “Guilty”, yes. Feeling like I have no ‘system’. Always feel as if they should do more. I waste too much time trying to organize and find just the right options.

    Mama_chook - October 3, 2015

    This describes me exactly. Too busy looking for resources and not doing what I have to see if it “fits”. I am brand new to notebooking. I didn’t even know what it was. I think this may simplify things for us.

      godsgirl731 - October 29, 2015

      Me too. I am a wonderful planner. Color coded and everything. But I feel like I am always just planninh, tweaking, reorganizing time and NOT actually doing anything. I have spent years on this hamster wheel, spinning around and going no where. I am overwhelmed and very doscouraged. My children are suffering from this and I no longer have the zeal or excitement and it has now managed to make my children feel the same.

        cdduff34 - April 18, 2016

        I feel the same way you ladies do. Always planning, attempting to ‘organize’, looking for resources, etc. I feel my kids are missing out on so much, and at times, too much to do. We have lost our interest and fun in homeschooling. We want it back!!

        cunderhi1 - November 27, 2016

        Have you been notebooking? How is it going? Do you and your kids enjoy it?

    cunderhi1 - November 27, 2016

    Have you been notebooking? How is it going? Do you and your kids enjoy it?

Yvette Curtis-Brown - May 1, 2015

You just summed up my first year of homeschooling in a nutshell. I felt called by God to do this. I pulled my Kindergartner out of school towards the end of the first month of the start of the school year. I hadn’t prepared ahead of time and hadn’t had time to prepare; nor did I know what I was preparing for. Now, I feel the burnout. I am burned out. So, coming across this in my inbox as I was cleaning out my over 2000 mail msgs not only felt like I can continue homeschooling but also this is why I’m homeschooling. Thank you for offering the free resources, first. I will see how this works for us!

    Jesstme - May 1, 2015

    Yvette, I read your comment and I am in the exact same boat as you are! I took my daughter out of Kindergarten after one month and I too have like 2000 emails! haha. She is in 3rd grade now and we struggle to find something that feels right. I have been reading about and praying about this notebooking concept for a few days now and I want to try it too. I just read what you typed and had a laugh at how similar we are, and just knowing I am not the only one looking into a change. I wish you good luck and God bless!

Maria - May 1, 2015

Yvette and Jessica, I read both of your comments and did the same as Jessica, laugh a little.
I’ve got one ready to graduate soon and I just started over two years ago worth my younger child. You would think I would’ve known what worked. So NOT the case. What worked ten years ago doesn’t work completely again, they are both different.
Starting was just like you both beginning. I jumped in ready to go and had to figure out where to go and how to get there. My best advice to you, forget every thing you think you know based on the way you learned it in school.
You need to see what kind of learner your child is and then proceed from there. How do they learn best?? Are they a visual or audio learner. Do they need to touch as they learn our can you just explain it and they get it?
Figuring this out at the very beginning is very useful. You can then mold your notebook and mix it however you need, so that it for with your child’s learning style perfectly.
I’ve used pages from here as well as few other sites. Confessions of a Homeschooler is a really good one too, which is how I originally found this site. Lived it from the start.
HSLDA is also full of resources and can tell you what your individual state requirements are for each grade level. I ALWAYS recommend joining Homeschool Legal Defense Association. You then have them and their resources at your fingertips, just in case you need any thing. You can just call and ask those legal questions any time and some one ALWAYS gets back to you. They can email forms you need for registering your Homeschooler and direct you to groups in your area, as well as so much more.
Good luck to you both and any other new homeschooling families. (I just love this site!)

HulaMama247 - June 5, 2015

Aloha Debra,
We just finished our last days in public school and I have been hacking away like a mad-lady at all the homeschooling how-to-books, various curriculum, teaching methods, ect.(Sometimes borrowing upwards of 20 books from our public library, all at once…..what a nut…lol!!) Preparing like a maniac for the upcoming task of homeschooling has made me anxious yet excited. Is this normal? Whatever normal means. I’m so thankful that I found your site. Truly an act of providence. I was STUCK! I was starting to doubt myself and wondered if I had made a mistake thinking that I could home-school my three children (ages: 10, 9, and 5). After reviewing some of the “school work” my children came home with on the last day of school I knew that they deserved better. However, was it just because of my pride or prejudice that I decided that I was the one who would give them better? Good news, my confidence has been restored and I will continue with my mission. I just signed up for the free membership for now, but I have already talked it over with my husband and he thinks this will be a good fit for our family. I will be kicking that “overwhelm” out of my house! Thank you for re-illuminating the fact that most times less is more!

Aloha and Blessings!! Rebecca C.

    Debra Reed - July 17, 2015

    Hi Rebecca, :)

    Thanks so much for sharing your story here. Maniac research, totes of library books, anxiety …. ummmm, yep all normal LOL! Regardless of the resources/curricula you choose … remember this is not a race, it’s a journey.

Cheryl Conley - July 14, 2015

Is this NotebookingPages for grade school and middle schools only, or do you have something for high school students as well?

    Debra Reed - July 17, 2015

    Hi Cheryl,

    Most of our pages are designed so they can be used for any grade level K-12. We do offer many sets with primary-line option for the younger kids who need them. We also offer the web-app (LIFETIME members only) for older kids who prefer to type up their notebooking pages.

Ashley Porter - August 8, 2015

This is such a blessing! I am just beginning the journey of homeschooling and was completely stressed and overwhelmed at all the curriculum offered. Then I found Notebooking, what a gem and blessing. Thank you , thank you, thank you! Here’s to raising and educating our children with love,, peace, and enjoyment!

Anawillis - August 9, 2015

Debra, thank you for the reminder that this is not a race but a journey…

I’ve been homeschooling for almost two years now but I’m very new to notebooking. I
m looking forward to cut off the busywork in my life as I have completely burned out last year and no,it had nothing to do with homeschooling. I was a pastor full time and felt pulled in many directions overwhelmed and exhausted everyday, coming home to my family with not much left of me to give. I never want to go back to that place again. It took me a LOT to make the decision that my children needed me as much as I needed them more than anything or anyone else. Moms, you have an irreplaceable role in your children’s life and that is a blessing and a calling! I read your comments and yes we all can relate to each other somehow.

I pray that you will all find peace and joy in your everyday’s homeschooling journey and collect many beautiful moments to keep you inspired and motivated for the days to come.

Blessings on your journey,

Candice Porter - August 28, 2015

Hey Debra,
I’m trying to contact
You about your human body , plants, and animals notebooking pages. I sent you a couple emails. I was just wanting to ask a question before purchasing the pages. :)
Hoping I can use these pages with Answers In Genesis. :)

    Debra Reed - August 28, 2015

    Notebooking would be a great fit for AIG curriculum. Have you tried notebooking with our free resources yet? I would say that if notebooking is a fit for your family, then these products would work well for the topics you mentioned. We have a Nature Study Pages set that covers broader topics that might be a good fit as well. I’ve not looked at the specific book you are using, so I’m not sure of the exact topics. In the next few weeks, we will be adding many more animal pages to our membership program … reptiles, amphibians, dinosaurs, fish, and more mammals. It will take a bit longer to add these as individual products to the shop.

amy matthews - September 15, 2015

I am desperately in need of a change and would like to know exactly what notebooking is?

Elizabeth Armstrong - September 21, 2015

You have hit the nail on the head as far as this year has gone. Last year was leaning this way, this year it has come to my attention that we are totally gone. My children and I have completely burned out in history and science. I keep trying to find something that will make them want ot learn those subjects or any part of those subjects and have tried I don’t know how many curricula in these areas. Some of my friends lived by them and so I tried it Wish I hadn’t. My “bored out of our minds box” has grown quickly this year. Now, something has to give. So, I had decided to start something like this and now, I know for sure this is what I must do. Thank you!

    kids4ap - September 21, 2015

    Beth, we’re struggling in the same exact fields! We went through 3 science curricula last year alone and never found one we liked and broke the bank in the mean time. History used to be my favorite subject and now I groan when it’s time to teach it. I’m excited about the new change…prayers to you and your family as you start this journey too!

kids4ap - September 21, 2015

I have put away our busywork for History and my lesson plans. Going to try this out tomorrow for the first time and see if we can actually enjoy learning! Thank you so much for all your info and time you’ve put into this!

Jessica Sharbaugh - October 5, 2015

I want to do note booking but I read something to my kids and ask them to write what they think is important and they just stare at my blankly. What am I doing wrong?

Sandra - October 11, 2015

I would like to try note booking but, I work and my son has to do his science and history on his own. He reads and answers the questions on his own and I check his work when I get home. My son has never enjoyed lap booking or coloring, so I am hesitant. Any thoughts?

    Debra Reed - October 12, 2015

    Hi Sandra,

    Notebooking requires a little more hands-on time from mom than a typical textbook/workbook type approach. Even though textbooks (or workbooks) are not my first choice, we have successfully used them (with notebooking) when a living book option was not available for a subject/study.

    This post has some ideas and suggestions for you:
    Notebooking with Textbooks or Non-literature Based Curriculum

Rhonda Adams - October 12, 2015

Hello, I’m new to this method as of today, and I have a few questions for those of you who have been notebooking longer than I have. What should a typical lapbook/notebook for a 3rd grader look like? How much information do you include? We started making books on reptiles last Friday, I used some printables from the inrernet and had them draw some pictures of reptiles and cut pics out of magazines. We also wrote down characteristics, species, etc. Is that all we need to include? I used manilla folders for the books, and we glued pics and printables to the inside along with their written facts and drawings. Is this enough? Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read and respond!

    Debra Reed - October 19, 2015

    Hi RADams,
    Sounds like you are off to a great start! :) How deep you want to go depends really on you and your children as well as your goals. If doing a “study” of reptiles, you may want to grab some books from the library, read, and do some written narrations or descriptions of what they learned or information that was new/interesting to them. We revisit different animal groups each year as part of our nature study. I really enjoy the Handbook of Nature Study (purchase online or download for free https://archive.org/details/handbookofnature002506mbp). I also love Barb’s website of the same name (http://handbookofnaturestudy.com/). She’s doing reptile study this month in fact! For that age, we’ve also enjoyed Jeannie Fulbright’s zoology books (https://shop.apologia.com/222-science). What you described so far, sounds perfect though … read/research, write/draw.

Robyn Brechbill - October 17, 2015

Thank you for the information on note booking. I am just starting out homeschooling my son – just finished week 1. I too invested in some curriculums and already find that we are not prepared (or ready) for them. Note booking will be a way to bring out my sons ability to communicate and express the things he is learning in a way that he was not able to in public school. I am glad that I started out with the note booking concept from day one.

Chavonne Taylor - October 31, 2015

Your video described exactly how I feel. I would love to plunge into notebooking, but I am still unclear with direction. What I do love about ready made curriculums is that it tells me exactly what to teach. I understand that notebooking allows my kids to show me what they know, but how exactly would I go about doing notebooking? Do they each have a notebook for every subject? I am assuming this does not include Math. Do I give them 1 decorative page or 2. I am just trying to get a little more guidance on how to implement this system.

    Chavonne Taylor - October 31, 2015

    I found more helpful information to help explain notebooking.

      Jennifer Lovingood - November 4, 2015

      Where did you find the extra info by chance. I am completely new to this, as in just seen it today, and would live to switch gears. I have been doing homeschool for about three years and the way you asked for more info is about the same way I feel right now! Could you if possible let me know where you received more info from? Thank you for your time!

Christie Wilson - November 25, 2015

I would love to try notebooking! Next week I think we will try the free ones offered. I hope I can figure out how to do them! I feel like We are in a rut with textbooks and my son finds them quite boring. I hope this helps us refresh!

Karena McCue - December 11, 2015

Hi Debra,

I’m wondering what you do for math?

Thank you!

4oc1 - December 19, 2015

Well here is a DIFFERENT thought….using the notebooking pages for Sunday school. Brand new church with adult Sunday school class with 3 of us but no children coming to Sunday school and no children’s church program. To start I will be doing a combined Sunday school/children’s church so I can know the kids are getting the basics needed for their Christian life in these troubled times. Have taught children now in my 50th year. I personally HATED Sunday school as my so called teachers only read the “lesson” from the book. Taught me NOTHING but to be bored and how to turn off listening.
SOOOOO, I will be utilizing my 50 years of experience and will be sending wonderful projects home for the kids to have at home to share with one other person and HOPEFULLY bring that person to our church the next Sunday. “A little child shall lead them…” but not if we do not equip the child with the drive to win a soul of someone else. Must make several 1,000,000 new missionaries.

Farrah Silva - January 27, 2016

Hello there. I just want to get this straight. For a first grader, I would teach Math, Phonics, and Reading. Then I would use notebooking as a way to help my child record what he is learning in Science, History, and everything else, pretty much. Is that correct? So you can choose a curriculum for topic guidance, but substitute worksheets and QandA with notebooking. Or, you can just let the child’s interest guide the topics of study.

    Debra Reed - January 28, 2016

    Yes, I would focus on the basics like you mentioned with a first grader and have them narrate/notebook from the books they are reading for other subjects or according to their interests. Curriculum or no curriculum? Totally up to you and your preference! :) I probably wouldn’t have them doing too much of the physical writing at this point and instead focus on their oral narrations. You can write down their oral narrations and add this to their illustrated page or have them copy (in full or part) from the written narration you did to their page. I share more of these details in Tutorial #3.

kirri hardy - January 28, 2016

Hi there,
I really love the free tutorials i just read.
A question….
I understand how the notebooking etc is beneficial for Science, History etc
When it comes to spelling, in association with English, do you have an effective method to incorporate into the
English Curriculum..
Also, what do you use for you’re English Curriculum? Or is notebooking just you’re English subject?
And what about Maths? I imagine you wouldn’t be able to do notebooking with that??

Thanks heaps for you’re time

Donna Molton - January 29, 2016

We are first year home school and I am so lost. I have to give up the public school thinking I am always worried she is not on task with the things she needs to know and what she does not need to know. stressing over the test she has to do at the end of this year do we are do we not measure up. There was so many choices in what to use I was doomed before we started. It should not be this hard and I am so hoping this note booking will simply our life. we started off doing pretty good but it soon turned out to be frustrating and not really getting anything done . so I am giving this note booking a try sounds like a fun and good way to learn and understand different ways to teach. Thank You for putting this together I did spend hours looking for printables. Donna

    Debra Reed - February 3, 2016

    Hi Donna,

    Yes it can be so overwhelming! When we started homeschooling back in 2000 there was a growing amount of curriculum options. Fast-forward to today and there is a HUGE amount of curriculum options. I think you really have to step away from the computer, the internet, the experts, the public school, etc. and ask what it is that you want to provide in your homeschool. You can’t do everything to the nth degree 100% of the time. You just can’t. Pick what’s most important and figure out how to do those consistently and to your best ability and then fill in with the rest.

    You also need to think about this from a long term standpoint … are you planning to homeschool for just a certain number of years or for all of K-12? It makes a difference in how you plan. Obviously, things can change and the plan might change, but go with what you know for now. Many of us try to do as much as possible and overload our plates with ALL we can do to make the BEST language arts program or math program or history program. We end up buying WAY too many resources and then stressing because we do not have the time to implement it all. We end up feeling guilty because we aren’t succeeding in the ways we envisioned and because we are making school more of a burden on the kids too. We’ve all been there! Instead, think more long-term and chunk this out one step at a time. For example, you don’t have to master all of their writing skills this year. Ask yourself what specific skills you do want to accomplish by the end of the year and then plan your steps to get there.

    You’re not alone Donna! Hang in there! :)

Jennifer Albrecht - February 10, 2016

My 8th grader just started an 8th grade curriculum and she came to me and basically said “there is a lot of busywork”. She didn’t use those words (my memory forgets just what she said), but that is her bottom line of what she said. We have homeschooled since the beginning and I have yet to feel like we truly accomplish something in learning. My 3rd grader (also doing same type of curriculum) is in the same boat. I DREAD doing school and so do my kids. I am looking forward to reading more of these tutorials to help my kids, to help my family have a better learning experience, to actually learn something instead of just checking it off the list and saying we got it done and proof we did it. You hit the nail on the head, when you described busywork and square pegs. Thank you!

Leila Blue - February 24, 2016

This is all starting to really make more sense. I am really excited to being using this for Science and History. I know it will add more interest and make the learning FUN!

heamagea - April 29, 2016

I am the product of homeschooling myself. My father was a teacher, who started Christian schools and we were trained to be model students. He made sure we made notes of everything and I didn’t mind school, though I struggled with all the Math related subjects. Looking back I wonder what profit it all had? I now have a daughter who I have home schooled since she started. I have my father’s input my mother-in-law’s input and my husband’s. I have pulled out my hair every day since she started. She just doesn’t get it and it is a real battle. I have switched curriculums too. Well I know it was the Lord because financially I can’t afford most of the stuff out there and know it will be a waste of time in the end. I find this site. I am just beginning but I already know that this is the answer! Thank you

Mamaofdashire - May 2, 2016

I am very excited to try this put. I just finished my first year of kindergarten. Does notebooking work with Math? Do you get a 3 ring binder?
Thank you!

    Debra Reed - May 6, 2016

    Hi Mamaofdashire,

    If using loose-leaf pages or paper, then you will need some way to bind your pages or put them into a 3-ring binder.

    We typically do not use notebooking with our math studies, but lots of families do! We have had much success with our math curricula (if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!). :) If we run into a particular area that needs more reinforcement or reteaching, then we may notebook those concepts. Lots of moms do use notebooking with math though. Here’s a great Pinterest board with ideas for Math Notebooking:


Embr0708 - June 27, 2016

Thank you so much! This tutorial and many of the others has completely changed my mindset. This is an answer to a prayer that I did know exactly how to pray for. Such a blessing.
Thank you so much!

jeanettedick - September 17, 2016

I have been homeschooling 6 years, and the first year we were very eclectic, trying to find what worked for our students AND us as teachers. We joined groups, were part of a world-wide community (that most of you would know), and last year, when we bought a fixer-upper house, our homeschooling suffered because of the strenuousness of our curriculums and construction going on. This year, with homerepairs still going on, we have decided to to do more with less curriculum. The notebooking might just be an answer to our burn out, and it will put the learning more on the student than the teacher. I plan to give the samples a try, and if after the Christmas holiday we are still enjoying the notebooking, then we will consider the lifetime membership. I am excited to see where this takes us. Some comments have mentioned CDs. Did they buy that on the site, or do the members make that from their downloads? Thanks!

Cristy - October 4, 2016

Gallam12 - October 17, 2016

1st yr homeschooling my boys 10 and 5

Tiffers - October 26, 2016

I am just searching for an added bonus to what we have. I ha e heard of notebooking pages and can’t wait to put it into practice!!!

Kailash-hadia - November 10, 2016

Hi I have subscribed so received mail for free tutorial and notebooking but I am not able to see notebooking pages. There is wrote that click on free check out but not seen any checkout box. So have query that is it for register member or for subscibers also?

TigerofMu - November 14, 2016

I have reluctant writers, and 7 children from 7 to 16, and I would love something that works for everyone.

Salazarai - January 26, 2017

I am currently homeschooling my four boys. My oldest has not been thriving in school since the 6th grade, due to boredom, for the most part. I totally get the business of worksheets and the like. I would LOVE to get on the Notebooking train, but how does this apply to Mathematics? My husband is an avid math supporter and will want to know how they will learn math through note booking. Thanks for all you are doing for us struggling homeschool mommas!

ymhyde - January 31, 2017

Hi! I went to college to teach High School Math and Science. I expected to go back to work once all of our children were in school. I never expected to be homeschooling our 4 children. We felt lead by God and decided to homeschool when our oldest was 3 yrs old and so our kids have always been homeschooled. (We have a 2nd grader, 1st grader, 3 yr old and 2 yr old.) I still continue to struggle to separate how I was “taught to teach” in a classroom from how I want to teach my children at home. I am beginning to get the “I hate school” comments and the sighs when it is time to start our day or get back to work after a break. I want to get away from the “busywork” but I am really struggling reprograming myself so to speak. I love the idea of notebooks and I have done a lot of research on it but I am having a hard time getting away from the “busywork”. Thoughts or ideas?

Aslynn - April 19, 2017

I REALLY needed this! Thank you so so so so so so much!! I just signed up and have only received the first day’s email and already I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. Our biggest struggle is math for my fifteen year old daughter. I’ve tried almost everything. Hopefully I can find something here that will help.

CowgirlAmerica - May 1, 2017

Just starting to prep for homeschooling my oldest, he’ll be 3 this fall and is already living wotking on letters, numbers and colors. I was a homeschool student, using ACE and Alpha and Omega, so now all the options out there are a little overwhelming! I want to keep my sons live of learning, but I also am scared that if I dont have a curriculum to follow that I’ll miss (or miss teach) something vital

Lethy - June 26, 2017

I love spending time with Kids and I love it even more when the focus of our time is based around the Bible. What is making this difficult for me is I am bipolar and I suffer from Extreme Anxiety associated with PTSD. I don’t like when my children have to see mommy not doing so well. They don’t understand why Jesus won’t heal mommy. I told them that of course it is God desire for his daughter to be healed. We have to wait on his time. I tell them it all part of his plan. So I am thankful for sites like that help me be the best mommy I can to them because everything is laid out for me instead of me having to figure it all out. So thank you for your service to Jesus because it such a huge blessing to us.

LisaLease - July 15, 2017

Love!! Homeschooling mom of 7. I’ve graduated 2 so far. My last 5 have lots of special needs and I’m feeling like this would be a terrific solution for us! Thank you so very much!

emmazander - August 15, 2017

Just found this website recently. Only took the time to start reading it this morning. Wish I had started sooner. Have no clue what notebooking is, but sounds like just what I need. I am a grandmother of 4, taking care of my son’s children who were abandoned by their Mother because of a drug addiction. The 13 year old starts 7th grade and hates public school because she does not socialize well. The 6 year old is starting 1st grade and he is Autistic. He has been tested and results showed him at an 11 year old intelligence. He is already spelling some and wants to start home school. He does not like loud noises or people talking a lot around him. I think home school will be perfect. I read your first Tutorial so far and I see myself for the last month. I am still searching for a curriculum after a month. I am so excited to find out about notebooking and try out your method.

Rachel ONeal - August 15, 2017

Thank you – So appreciate your advice on this!

BBriscoe - August 26, 2017

Your resources are really great and thank you for sharing so much for free. My question is are your tutorials (1-3) in PDF form anywhere? I really want to print them so I can sit down with pen and paper and really get a grasp for how to teach my children how to use these great notebooking pages.

Amy - September 21, 2017

Thank you for this!! Reading this is very freeing and just provides a sense of encouragement and recognition that we are doing the right thing for our kids! Looking forward to going through more of the great resources here!!


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