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About Us… Homeschool Before & After

{The Before}

Homeschooling my first 6 years …

I quickly became worn out, discouraged, and frustrated with homeschooling. I felt like a constant slave to my curriculum and lesson plans. Some days, I PUSHED my kids through the lessons not knowing HOW I would do it again the next day. And on the days when we didn’t make it through all of the lessons, I wound up feeling like a complete failure, worried that I was causing my kids to fall behind.

  • I wanted time for fun learning.
  • I wanted the flexibility to follow my kids’ interests.
  • I wanted to dig deeper into topics that really interested us.
  • I wanted time to take a day off for a field trip or other projects.
  • We were too busy with our daily lessons to fit these things into the schedule.

In my meltdown moments, I researched new curricula and new methods.
I abandoned curricula mid-year, redid our schedule, bought new resources, tried a new method, and then started the cycle again when things didn’t work out.

After six years of this, I was ready to give up.

{The After}

Homeschooling after the first 6 years …

In 2006, everything changed for us!
I found a way to end this cycle. And now,

  • I am no longer tied down by curricula, methods, schedules, or lesson plans.
  • I freely plan my year around my family’s needs and desires.
  • We have time for fun learning.
  • We have complete flexibility.
  • We dig deeper when we want.
  • We follow kids’ interests.

We have joy and freedom in our homeschool!

Finding joy and freedom in your homeschool does not need to take years of experience, struggles, trial-and-error like it did for me.

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About Our Family

Debra's Children

We have a blended family of ten children. I have four adopted, four biological, and two step children (some adults, some in public school, and the rest homeschooling K-12). We currently homeschool using a blend of homeschool methods that lend themselves well to notebooking. In our blended family, there are some unique challenges, but there are also some tremendous blessings and homeschooling together has definitely been one of those blessings. We have learned a lot through our personal struggles and trial-and-error. It is our sincere PLEASURE to share these experiences and the lessons we’ve learned along the way. I pray our website is a blessing to you and your family!

— Blessings, Debra L. Reed
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