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Maintenance begins Thursday, 8/21/2014 approximately 7:00am CST. More details here.
Parts of the site may be unavailable as we complete our updates. Clear your cache to view most recent version of site.

Site Maintenance Update

Thank you for taking the time to read this important update!

We have been working with developers all summer making major improvements to your account and membership areas of the site. These updates will be deployed over the next couple of days (Thursday/Friday, August 21-22, 2014). We do not expect much downtime, but during our testing your account and access to the notebooking web-app may not be available. Once all testing is complete, I will let you know. 


Once updates are ready, you will login with your normal email credentials and be asked to choose a new username. This username will become your new login as well as your visible public identity when commenting or participating in our forums. Please choose carefully as this username cannot be changed. We will no longer use email addresses for your login.

All actively paying web-app users-
All current auto-payment plans for The Notebooking Publisher will be canceled. You should receive a notice from PayPal of this change in the next day or two. This does NOT mean you will lose access to the web-app. Your expiration date will remain the same. However, once the site updates are ready, you will need to renew access to continue past your expiration date. I apologize for this inconvenience but there is just no way around it.

Past product purchases-
With our current system, all past purchase downloads are available in your account area. With our new system, this download area will no longer be available. Instead, you will have the option to have past download links sent to you via email. (Note: this does NOT apply to LIFETIME members. Your download center will not change except for much improved speed and useability.)

Site looks jumbled or isn’t behaving as expected-
If you have any trouble accessing the site after the deployment or things seem in disarray, please clear your browser’s cache following the directions below and then restart your browser.
How to clear your browser’s cache:

Thanks again for taking time to read this update. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via our support center at http://support.notebookingpages.com.

Rene Gilbertson says:
I cannot even begin to say how much http://www.notebookingpages.com has changed my life! Sound melodramatic? Perhaps, if anything, it is an understatement! After homeschooling our 2 older children through middle and high school and then starting from the beginning with the three younger ones (9, 6, 3) I was feeling overwhelmed and stagnant. I saw my children getting bored and frankly, so was I. How was I going to keep this up? I began praying for God to inspire me with a way to teach my children that would bring fun back into learning and would, at the same time, give me confidence that they were learning what they needed to. It was within a week that I stumbled upon (through God’s grace and love for his struggling children like me) Debra’s website. Of course, I did my own homework and looked into several other sites offering similar services, but NONE of them offered what Debra does; and to be honest, I don’t know HOW she manages to do it! If I tried to make my own templates I’d be so frustrated! (and I have tried in the past) NotebookingPages.com allows me to have access to everything I need for school and print it off quickly without feeling like I wasted my time at my computer…time that could be spent delving into books with my children and having fun. I LOVE the new publisher feature that will allow my children freedom to create their own unique pages as they get older. I have to be honest, when we first started Notebooking it was intimidating and scary for me…I wanted to DO it RIGHT…but that’s the magic in this kind of learning: there is no RIGHT way! I just think of it now like a journal of all the things we like to talk about. Pictures, drawing, writing, etc…my children LOVE looking through their notebooks frequently and I LOVE to see concrete evidence that they are learning. THANK YOU, THANK YOU Debra Reed for all your hard work (so we don’t have to!) and your excellent product!

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