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Our Christmas Membership Giveaway


  1. We enjoy studying Christmas traditions from around the world. Holland was a favorite last year.

  2. To be honest, we’ve never really done a whole lot of Christmas preparation. I always mean to, but time gets away from me and it doesn’t happen. This year though we are trying harder. We are reading a Christmas devotional. We are planning on making cut-out cookies together(hey, I count it as home-ec & math). We are also hoping to make some Christmas craft projects.

  3. Rennie Dotson says:

    We don’t homeschool, but still have a few traditions. We decorate the tree as a family. We read Christmas stories and Bible devotionals together too.

  4. I love incorporating Christmas baking into our homeschool during the Christmas season.

  5. We dont celebrate Christmas but we have lots of fun as a famil. Sledding tomorrow (hopefully) if the weather man is correct ;)

  6. SALLY WOLF says:

    Gee! We don’t have any Homeschool Holiday Traditions! We do something different in our homeschool each year at Christmas time. Maybe that’s our tradition? Doing something different every year!

  7. Barbara Cook says:

    We make cookies together. The kids do the math for doubling the recipes and they measure (with supervision) and we all decorate them together. We are learning about Christmas songs this year as well.

  8. Kellyann Johnson says:

    Decorating small gingerbread houses with a fun “theme” like baseball or forest animals is a family favorite in this house!

  9. I love this time of year! I like to do everything as a Christmas theme all December long. We study the birth of Jesus – for Bible. For music we do Carol history and lot of singing . We like to do Christmas traditions for history and lots of baking ! I always have some type of art that we make and hang as decorations. Paper Christmas balls with Bible verses are very nice and look ok hanging in every room. Also, all her gifts are homemade – so we work that into the daily mix as well. Makes it seem less like school and more like the holiday all month. Merry Christmas to all!!


  11. N Christophel says:

    Spending time with family and remembering why we celebrate Christmas are the most important parts of our Christmas celebration.

  12. Melisa Burke says:

    Our homeschool tradition is to work really hard until the week of Thanksgiving and then we are out of school until January 7. We spent all of Advent preparing our hearts for Jesus. We read Christmas books every day and we do a ton of baking, making gifts, practicing our Christmas music, making new ornaments (this year we are learning to quill as part of our Colonial history study). We have such a fun, relaxing time during Advent and everyone is rested and ready to go back to school after the new year.

  13. Bethany Keeney says:

    We always bake Christmas cookies and it is so much fun to see how different it is each year as the kids grow older. Also, on Christmas Eve after church, we go downtown to hear the old English style Christmas carolers. They have a concert inside at 11 pm then they dress in their top hats and capes and walk all through town all night singing carols. They finish around 7 am at the town tree and sing the Doxology.

  14. Every Friday in December we go over to Grandma’s house, have dinner, and watch a Christmas movie.

  15. We always start the Christmas season with The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and there are lots of other family Christmas video nights with Christmassy snacks. At the first snowfall, we trudge through the woods to cut down the tree, and soon after have a family Christmas decorating party with hot cocoa and cookies. My favorite part of Christmas is all of the church activities; going to/participating in plays, musicals, live nativity scenes, and the Christmas Eve service.

  16. Susannah Blaine says:

    We never have a lot of money for fancy gifts or outings that cost, but we always make the whole Advent/ Christmas season fun anyways! We have A LOT of family traditions. We have a special Advent wreath and heirloom wooden Advent calendar that we use every year. We also make a countdown paper chain, in which I write Scripture references so we can read through relevant verses and passages, and so the little ones can see how many links (days until Christmas) are left. We do fun read-alouds every evening as well: some years one bigger book and some years one or two small books per night. We take walks or drives to see Christmas lights, bake treats, listen to festive music and make gifts together (this year fancy soaps). And we have several hands-on Nativity sets that we set up and let the kids play with through the whole season. Can you tell that we love this time of year?

  17. Kimberly R says:

    We have been studying about Christmas, learning about Jesus’s birth and why and how we celebrate Christmas. We made a paper chain, also, of Bible verses to count down the days till Christmas. We also love to take a drive to see the Christmas lights at a nearby park.

  18. Suzanne Witt says:

    I teach gifted kids K-2nd grade. I love using your materials in my classroom. Each student has a notebook which contains their research and individual work. Christmas is my favorite time to have students learn the history behind our Christmas traditions. The students learn so much more when they are doing the work rather than the teacher just giving them facts to learn. I love all of your materials and would love to win any of your awesome materials.

  19. Kathleen P. says:

    We read about how Christmas is celebrated around the world. We also make Christmas cards for our family.

  20. I assign cursive handwriting copy work from Luke 2 each December. I would love to see it written on Notebooking Pages! :)

  21. I like to make Christmas baking more challenging by doubling or making 1 1/2 times a recipe. We also have a Nativity Advent calendar that we talk about the day’s find.

  22. We bake and make presents for family and friends!

  23. A favorite tradition is shopping for one another with mom and dad. It’s a great opportunity to get a date night with each kid during the busy season.

  24. We find and cut our own Christmas tree! And we bake Christmas cookies and do a Advent devotional.

  25. This year we are memorizing Luke 2: 1-14. We are doing Jesse tree devotions. Every year I wrap 1 book for each day in advent and my girls take turns picking a book to read each evening after devotions. All of our books tell about the true meaning of Christmas.

  26. Our holiday traditions are the Advent wreath leading up to Christmas and also using the Nativity to show the journey of Mary and Joseph and the Wise Men as the pieces travel across the room. Next year I hope to be more organized and start a Jesse tree of our own. Merry Christmas everyone!

  27. We have made cookie plates and taken them to our neighbors. The kids also go shopping for gifts for each other.

  28. We make Christmas crafts each year and the kids get to hang the things they make on the Christmas tree and through the house. Our food tradition is to make chocolate ginger truffles where everyone gets sticky and there is lots of taste testing just to make sure it’s right.

  29. Diane Phelps says:

    We don’t celebrate Christmas but we do celebrate the Messiah, we just try to do it in worship and praise. We do have traditions for every Sabbath and lots of them, it is so nice to celebrate more than just one day a year. We celebrate the Messiah ALOT! thank you for this giveaway!

  30. We have a wooden nativity that the kids move around the house until they reach their destination on Christmas. The Baby Jesus waits in day 25 of our advent calendar.

  31. We attend midnight Mass and have a large family Christmas lunch.

  32. For Christmas we have a progressive caroling party.

  33. We love to make homemade decorations, bake Christmas treats, study about Christmas around the world, read Christmas stories!!

  34. Elizabeth S says:

    I think my favorite tradition is the Christmas Eve Candlelight service at our church. Always makes me cry. :)

  35. Would love to have such a fun activity

  36. Oranges in my stockings, and kittens as gifts :)

  37. Well, like many commented here, not sure we have much in the way of homeschool traditions for Christmas other than the reading of the Christmas story from Luke on Christmas eve. We do an advent calender every year too that was given as a gift but as the kids get older interest in getting to put up the next decoration on the calendar has waned a bit. Our main focus is to try to keep Christ in Christmas so anything that does that is game!

  38. We love watching A Charlie Brown Christmas. We talk about how it starts out with a more commercial/worldly focus on the play and the trappings but ends with Linus’ reminder of what the season is truly about.

  39. We progressively bring out our nativity scene according to our advent readings. Each child gets to pick one box and find out what is inside it and add it to the working nativity. This has helped us move away from treats and gifts and focus on what it really is all about!

  40. Lisa Bearden says:

    We are still developing our homeschool Christmas traditions, but this year I have the girls copying Luke 2: 1-16 (a verse each day) to start our day. We also do advent as a family each evening.

  41. Starting this year we are getting together with homeschool friends – all of the moms are teaching a different holiday craft while the kids go around to each of the stations to make the craft. By the time we are done the kids will have all sorts of wonderful Christmas crafts to bring home.

  42. Brenda Saball says:

    This is my first year homeschooling but our new tradition will be cooking, making gifts and incorporating our lessons into them so we can have fun

  43. Jeanna Baker says:

    Yay for giveaways!! This is my first year homeschooling and it has been a strange mix of relaxing and overwhelming, sometimes all in the same day!! We love doing all the different holiday themed crafts and projects and Christmas will be no different.

  44. We enjoy going through scripture about Christ’s birth.

  45. We like to do Christmas around the world, traditions of other cultures,food,songs. This year we are starting another tradition, 12 days of Christmas with books! Each of the 12 days before Christmas, the children will choose a wrapped book and we will read it after dinner.

  46. Shannon Ploughman says:

    We love to do Christmas related arts and crafts as well as study the traditions surrounding Christmas. This year we are reading a book called ‘Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas’ by Ace Collins.

  47. gamudpuppy says:

    We have studied Christmas traditions of other countries. We do a Jesse tree too. There are so many activities to do this time of the year that we just try to keep it simple and focus on the Advent Season and why we celebrate Christmas.

  48. We love caroling for friends and taking them little treats. In our first year at our new home, someone did that for us, and we were so blessed that we began doing it for others. That’s the way blessings work, I guess–they just keep spreading. Love being able to focus on others, which always helps US!

  49. Our main tradition is just reducing our workload so we can concentrate on Jesus and time with family.

  50. Christmas Tradition? Which one? I think that my two favorite traditions that I’ve done with my girls since they were toddlers are driving to “no where” and looking at all of the Christmas lights on the homes along the way. After we’ve driven around until we’re all tired, we head to the nearest pancake or family restaurant for holiday “grog” (hot cocoa) and pie! The second tradition is making homemade tree ornaments. These have always expanded each year. When my oldest moved away to college she had enough ornaments from over the years to decorate her very own “big girl” christmas tree in her apartment. :)

  51. Michelle M. says:

    We like to do a Jesse Tree and pick a new devotional to do for the Advent and Christmas seasons. We take one day off a week so the kids can take time to make their gifts.

    Thank you for the great giveaway opportunity,

  52. This would be a wonderful thing to use with my mentally challenged son. It would help him to learn better and write better.
    Thank you for the chance to win the lifetime membership.


  53. Shari Neale says:

    Our favorite homeschool holiday traditions include baking, decorating, and going out one night before Christmas to get holiday drinks and see the lights. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! :)

  54. Aonir51906 says:

    I love the idea of notebooking. I don’t homeschool my kids, but I like to give them above and beyond what they get in public school. Our favorite Christmas traditions include a family dinner, trees specifically for the kids to decorate (we have three trees!), and a present for the kids to open on Christmas Eve.

  55. Our favorite traditions include baking lots of cookies and fudge, decorating our trees, and just spending lots of time together playing and relaxing!

  56. My favorite Christmas traditions for my family are: having lasagna for Christmas Eve dinner, trying a new cookie recipe every year, reading through every Christmas book we own in December, and adding a new decoration to our tree every year. We have a few more traditions, but these are my favorites. :)

  57. This is our 1st year homeschooling and I must confess, I’ve dropped the ball on what my expectations had always thought a “homeschooling Christmas” looked like. With just over 10 days left though, I’m hoping to redeem the time left ;). Will be checking out your free Christmas resources and thanks for these great offers!!!

    Blessings ~ Kendra :)

  58. Kerri Sweeris says:

    I’m with Kenda above my comment here… I’ve gotten behind due to illness, and I’m looking for Christmas school ideas… AND looking forward to starting new traditions. We put some presents under the tree, and then “santa” puts more under the tree for Christmas morning.

  59. Katheryn Lansford says:

    I’m looking forward to using/adapting these for my classroom! Can’t wait to win! =)

  60. tammy cordery says:

    we could use the amazon card for gifts

  61. Always looking for good winter activities.

  62. Kadonna B. says:

    One of our favorite family traditions is listening to Christmas music and making gingerbread houses.

  63. Our family sings a lot of Christmas carols.

  64. We made cookies and discussed the meaning of the shapes – star, gingerbread man, candy cane.

  65. This year we just started doing the advent countdown. We do it after dinner. We begin by dimming the lights and lighting up the candle while singing “silent night”. Then we read the passage for the calendar date and talk about it while munching on some goodies we prepared. After our devotion, our kids get to open their own boxes for a surprise gift (just some trinkets from the dollar bins at target). We then end with a prayer . During the day I give them Christmas crafts and activities to work on. Because of this new tradition we started I’m considering making our school season to run from January through end of October. I figured the holidays season starting from harvest festival is when we would begin our school break so that we could be more relaxed and really prepare our hearts to celebrate the most important celebration of all -Jesus becoming flesh to save us! What do y’all think? Does anyone here begin their school year in January as well?

  66. carriescreativekitchen says:

    We love doing crafts, making treats, & delivering some to the Helpers at our local food bank while they bless others.
    We like to change it all up & try new things every year. ;)

  67. We relax this time of year and do lots of fun activities. Snowmen, snow ice cream, Christmas tree camp outs…..

  68. We take extra time off school so we can focus on doing things for others–baking cookies, making gifts, helping out, etc.

  69. This is our first year, but we have been doing a study on each of the key people in the nativity story and their importance. Also baking cookies.

  70. we don’t do any special in our home schooling for the Christmas season, but we did start using the advent wreath this year and we always bake and decorate cookies and pretzels to give away :)

  71. We don’t celebrate any holidays at this time of the year and we don’t start our school year until the October, so we just push hard this time of year. Unless we get some snow. We get snow so rarely here in Oregon that our first day of snow is declared a snow day! :)

  72. We have so many favorite Christmas traditions. We put up a Jesse Tree every year. We read Bible verses, sing carols and other Christian songs, we bake goodies for others, and do many crafts related to our Christmas Around the World unit. I also try to put up a book tree as an advent countdown. If I don’t have time to wrap the books, then we’ll just read one Christian Christmas book each day and I try to do crafts or activities that correlate with the story. We also decorate a tree, go to Santa’s Ranch to see Christmas lights, go to Christmas Eve Eve service and Trail of Light with friends after eating a feast, and we make a trip to the North Pole Village which is always fun for the entire family. We try to focus on Jesus’s birth so this year I added a new tradition that quickly became my daughter’s second favorite holiday tradition. We added The Christmas Angel. She leaves service learning or random acts of kindness projects in gold glitter. My daughter donated her own money to buy chickens through World Vision. We are having a blast! I absolutely LOVE celebrating Christmas. I would love to win the Mom’s Toolbelt lifetime membership or the Amazon gift card. I am already a huge fan and lifetime treasury member of notebooking pages. I use your materials all the time. If I won the lifetime memberships, then, I would probably gift both of them to my two homeschool buddies. Thank you for the opportunity to win! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  73. This year I found a Jesus poster and sticker book – it had a large map, stories, and stickers. My preschooler loved hearing the stories, then putting the stickers on the map. Great way to reinforce the lesson!

  74. One of our newer family traditions is to read through an advent devotional together. This year’s is titled Good News of Great Joy by John Piper. (This FREE downloadable resource can be found at DesiringGod.org.) This helps to keep us focused on the true meaning of Christmas. An older family tradition passed by my husband is putting a pomegranate in each stocking and adding the Christmas angel to the top of the Christmas tree. It is also traditional for our children to take part in a Christmas play at church each year… this is public speaking and music for our homeschool family.

    • p.s. – We really enjoyed using the Jesse Tree devotional last year. (For those who are not familiar with the Jesse Tree, it is the human geneaology of Jesus.) The children colored each leaf with and we attached it to the poster.

      Merry Christmas Debra and all folks who are reading posts!

  75. Would love the Planner!!!

  76. Would love to win ! Notebooking is something were learning, but I want to do it more with my three children this new year.
    Linda Finn

  77. I look forward to our annual drive through the neighbourhood Christmas lights displays.

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